Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pretty In Pink

Whilst I am updating a few photography listings, I thought I would quickly post a new mandala I incorporated into the shop earlier this evening.

So far I have to say it's my favourite one. Stunningly pink and strikingly beautiful. It's one my other half couldn't help but notice upon passing me on his way to the kitchen after waking up from his night shift. I'm glad he had to take a double take, it means at least it's eye catching! I designed it from a photograph of a pink flower growing in my mum's beautiful garden, and I really do think I have captured the spirit of the atmosphere there with this one, rather than just the plant itself. I love her garden, I only wish I was in a permanent property to be able to work on ours the way I want to! One day though :)

moonangelnay xxx


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