Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day To All The Cool Dad's In The World!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeey! Finally a day where all good men in the world can have some appreciation has arrived lol! It's not a day I'm too familiar with, and I know that sounds bizarre but up until a couple of years ago I never really knew my own. I lost contact with my dad when I was 2. Long story best saved for another time! I did grow up with a step-father but to be honest it wasn't the happiest of relationships, and he knows why that is. But as a result of that I never really felt close to him, and up until my mum decided to break away from their relationship I found out a lot that made my entire childhood make a lot of sense. All in all I think I was robbed of the father presense in my life (or at least one that I had respect for), so today for me FINALLY is a day I can be excited about! ^_^ A big up to my dad, cuz he does one hell of a job looking after all my brothers and sisters in Wales (I have 6 siblings you know). He's poorly at the mo, so the appreciation I think would make him a happy man :)

One problem... My poor other half Elric was on nights last night and is fast asleep, and my dad is unreachable via the phone! lol! He lives in Cardiff (good 180 miles from here), so being able to take a stroll to the old man's house, or a 5 minute car trip is out of the question I guess. So I'm on my own until Elric wakes up... Unless Yukio wakes up first!

I had to do the whole fathers day thing on Friday because of Elrics shifts this weekend, which is a shame really as the prospect of doing it all at the same time with other families across the world is kinda special. You know day's like this are lovely (minus the commercialism which is enough to put me off), because it's one time only a few times a year where without thinking about it consciously, we are all probably thinking along the same lines, a whole lot of love is going around and we are connected via our focus and intentions. Now that to me is what these days should be about. Besides what they are designed for, millions of people around the world for once are all sharing a common value, and it's things like that that make you wonder why it's not doable all the time. But that's the human condition for ya! At least for one day we can look at our loved ones and remember who they are.

moonangelnay xxx


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