Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A Sad Day For Many That I Know

It was partially a joy to wake up this morning to my little boy leaning over my head asking me if I would like porridge for breakfast (bless him), it was something else to realise that I am still unable to breathe out of either nostril because of the cold I brought home last week from one of Yukio's little friends! I have been trying alsorts of methods over the days to rid of it, besides yelling at it to go away. I'm not one to pop pills when I feel rubbish, because I hate the stuff and to be honest I feel they do more harm than good. But today I have caved from sheer laziness, and had an ibuprofen. Is it working??? no... I'm doomed for the remainder of the day then! I thought it would at least relieve some symptoms (whilst at the back of my mind I was secretly hoping for a miracle cure), but I feel no different so I guess this is the universes way of telling me to go to bed and chill out for once. Fat chance though!

Coming away from having man-flu, I had some tragic news today about an old school friend of mine whom I was in the same class with for about 7 years had passed away yesterday from cancer. It's been a bit of a devestating blow really, as despite the wonderousness of global connection via social networking, I had failed to make more of an effort to catch up with her. I didn't know she was suffering from cancer, but at 24 I never would have expected anyone I know to. But I do feel bad. My childhood involved her presence, and moving to secondary school despite us all being put into new classes and losing a decade of growing up with her I still feel extremely down at the news. Particularly as she was an added "friend" on facebook, you know there was my opportunity to catch up with her, and even though I send the usual how are you? well wishing message, I never did reply with anything further. I know I've never been heartless in that sense because the whole point of me bothering with social networking is to try and find the people I grew up with and to keep in touch with them, a far cry from the friend-adding syndrome you catch people doing on the likes of myspace. But having a young child, for any parent that is full time and as doting and I try to be, I don't spend hour after hour on my PC so in that sense I have become complacent, but you know that doesnt excuse the fact I coulda asked for a phone number, or arranged to meet and "network" like a human being should. My heart goes out to her family, I really do feel for them. Such a tragic loss, and I really do empathise having knowing what my other half is going through with his dad's battle with cancer. It's not right when someone whose lived a quarter of their life loses it to a disease like cancer. it's not right for an older person to or anyone, but for someone as young as my friend you can never really imagine just how this will be effecting her family and closest friends. I wrote a message to her sister with my condolences. I am only glad that she isn't suffering anymore, and that her last moments were apparently happy ones spent talking to her loved ones. I'm glad that my memories of her, despite them being lost in time are through a child's eyes. I always loved my classmates at my primary school. I will carry those memories of all of my friends forever.

So that was the bad news of the day. Nothing great has happened other than a small harvest of fruit from my strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrent plants in my garden. They look beautiful. Thinking about it, it's been my biggest harvest so far this year which is nice. Not that it'll do anything but the harvest of something as beautiful and food from your own garden, handreared from seed is very special, and I want to associate the beauty in what I have received today in my memory of my old friend.


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