Wednesday, 17 June 2009


It's been a bit of a day. A mental one although I can't say literally. Just my own making, in my own mind. After last night's ordeal with my son and the lack of help the doctors gave at our local hospital, I've been feeling pretty deflated. My other half was there for at least 4 hours, which obviously gave plenty of time for my sons open wound to heal but it meant that the doctors weren't prepared to glue the opening together FOR this exact reason. Giving that it only would have taken a minute to do that (I know after they did it the first time around), we feel pretty let down, and now my son's scar is going to be pretty big as opposed to neater and not so big. That's the NHS for you. Useless.

Anyway i've been a busy bee when I've had the time to work today. Still trying to become a nab hand at this blogging malarky and finding new ways to promote my etsy shop online. I found a brilliant source from etsy seller jessejanes, a pdf document that she has composed that gives a wonderful wealth of information to help my exact cause regarding internet promotion outside of etsy. She has a pretty incredible sales rank for just over a year so I gotta give a hand to her, she knows her stuff! So I'm getting to work on that one!

I had a go at making some more digital work today but my PC is being a bit uncooperative so that didn't exactly manifest, but I'll showcase one of my recent works anyway as I hoped to show something on my blog today. I have created a new series of digital creations that are meant to express the soul nature behind mother nature, by caputuring photographs of the natural world and re-creating their essence in the form of a mandala. Mandala literally translates as "essence" and so far I'm pretty pleased with my work.

It has inspired me to create a treasury on the subject too if you're interested in having a look at that, which I feel is worth sharing due to the beautiful work of the artists I have selected on there :) like this one by mirese. I couldn't believe that this wasn't a real baby, but seriously if you have a look I'm sure you'll be amazed at her talents as a sculptor!

All in all, what a day it has been. looking forward to a hopefully less stressful day tomorrow.

moonangelnay xxx


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