Thursday, 18 June 2009

Birthday Hunt - I Really Dislike Shopping For Men...

Things have taken a smoother path today, although that has only meant I have been away from my computer (and not throttling it... hense the smooth part). Took Yukio to his little group debutots today which is a FAB drama group for toddlers where they get to have loadsa fun "becoming" the stories that are told to them. Although despite my own enthusiasm (and money), the fact that it's my son's highlight of the week due to the biscuit tin which is religiously plonked into the center of the hall after every session, worries me a tad lol. But I reckon he loves it really ;) I have no idea how much he ate there today confectionary wise, but I haven't had much fun changing any of his nappies that's for sure! Next week is his last session, and we may go for a picnic. I'll totally be snap happy :D
Anyway further to that I spent the rest of daylight hours at my mums doing some last minute shopping for my son's birthday party which is next weekend (the big 2... should i be scared?). It so happens his birthday is on exactly the same day as my best mates, and trust me I think the fact they are so close really does reflect in the pride they share over it! The only problem I'm having is finding a present for my friend. He isn't the fussiest of people, but I'm not your average kinda person that would go and buy a box of chocolates or bog standard watches or whatever as gifts. I'm quite awkward like that (I'm sure the other half will agree). I just HATE being normal, it doesn't require effort to buy just any old thing but it's his BIRTHDAY and they are supposed to be meaningful occassions, so I like to buy meaningful things. If I had the time I would jump on my sewing machine and whip up something totally bizarre and funky, but I lack too much of that these days. I only wish being so busy consumed as many calories! lol!!!

I also lack funds, so the things I have come across, despite how cool they are fall totally out of my budget. But I have to share what I have found cuz they are pretty nice, and who knows you guys may find something awesome for all doting fathers or other male related bipeds :)2 Robot Glasses by BreadandBadger

Circuit Board Guitar Pick by TheBlueKraken

Desert Path Pillow by PluckyPillow

Better get on with some work I reckon and look another time. Still got next week. Should be lucky hopefully!

moonangelnay xxx


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