Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bumps and Babies

Yeah I know, blogging isn't my strongest point! to be honest I have never been so overwhelmed and i honestly wish it were down to working and earning some money! So much has gone on, to the point of me not really updating my etsy shop at all up until recently. The cusp of it all was last Saturday, after a shopping trip my lil boy decided it'd be fun to run around chasing our dog and BAM, flew straight into the corner edge of the front door. I was mortified and in a total panic, poor thin had blood POURING from his forehead, and was screaming like no one's business (can't say i blame him if i wasn't trying to be responsible I'm sure I woulda been screaming from the emotional pain I was feeling for him). I was at a
loss for what to do so I ended up calling the NHS direct a moment after grabbing what i could to stop the blood flow and blot the wound, to be told to go MILES away from what i thought was theobvious choice to get him seen to by a doctor. I suggested a hospital that i thought was nearby to them and surprise surprise it wasn't even on their list of "recommendations" (i HATE the NHS). But they found it and said that it had a childrens ward so I drove there and eventually after a few HOURS they glued his wound together. The worst part about that was the fact the ward was practically empty and at one point I think we were forgotten about, until a nearby nurse noticed us and found someone other than the doctor (whom apparently didn't know how to "glue" wounds together... A DOCTOR), to sort Yukio out. I'm glad he was ok though. I think I was more traumatised than him, after a few minutes of the initial impact I was having to juggle tissues, the phone and my sanity whilst following his frolicking self up and down the house. It was like it hadn't even happened! LOL! (ah happier times in the right hand pic).

Well currently he's back at hospital, with my other half because he's somehow managed to removed the scab that had only just become solid today, to reveal the big old hole he made in the first place. Lord knows how long they'll be. I've just discovered twitter and I can't help but tweet about it, yet I'm supposed to be updating my etsy shop and promoting around the net. Can't concentrate so I'm now on here throwing out my woes to the world. I wonder how he's getting on?...... I love him to bits, I just don't want him to have a big gaping scar on his head when he doesn't have to have it that bad, if they deal with him sooner rather than later. I'm gonna have to try and work. It's midnight now but I either stress about it or work until they get back. There's no way I can sleep!



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