Monday, 30 March 2009

Ho Hum...

I'm at a standstill today. It's been a few days since updating Etsy last (or maybe a week???), and I feel befuddled and fatigued to the point where now that the lil' one is napping and I actually have some time, I can't work out where to begin with the mountain of tasks I know I must do at some point. Is this normal in the land of toddler mums? LOL I only know a few people with kids the age of my son but man!!! I just seem to be someplace else right now. I'd love to curl up with a coffee actually, although I think that's the ID in me doing the tempting thing, as I know yestrday I completely over did the coffee and spent the day jittering and being grumpy!

I love my son to bits despite the fact he's been mr night owl for the past few days. He's fab at sleeping through the night, and I'm pretty lucky really as I still confront gaping mouths when I tell my friends that he's been this way since way before his first birthday. But I'm starting to think that maybe he's doing the sleepless nights thing to me in reverse LOL!!! Ahhhh but he's so cute, I still shower him with kisses even if my eyes feel like they are about to hit the floor :D
So probably the only organised and sensible thing I have done so far today is to cancel a dinner date for us both with my mum as I could do with the early night, and I doubt motorists on the street would appreciate a dancing car waving past them. I'm a bit gutted though as I hoped to take Yukio to Hickory Dickory (a big ol' jungle gym type place)... always tomorrow though! Instead I may see if some fresh air will rid me of my headache and keep young mr entertained this afternoon.

In the meantime I'd better crack on with some work whilst I can! My latest update due on etsy in the next hour is a new fave of mine. I'll have to make one for myself I think! I'm bound to post a picture of it by the end of today so keep an eye out for it, and in the meantime take a peek at my other items if you have the time. Love to all xxxxxxx


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