Friday, 19 June 2009

A New Mandala

Well I've finally got myself together and made my computer cooperate with me doing some work, despite the fact it is now 12.48am where I'm from and I should probably catch up on the late night last night. But yes! A fresh new mandala is in my store!
This new series that I'm working on is become more and more spiritually inspired the more I gather ideas. So far I'm finding they are resembling the chakra system which is pretty cool. Particularly as I tend to frequently put emphasis on my own when I meditate and through other lines of my work. So for me it's almost like I'm connecting not only to the soul nature of the photo's i'm editing (the primary emphasis) but to my own soul nature. Which I guess would make sense as that is what art and creativity should be about! But unlike my other work, this is manifesting into a more personal area for me, as I'm not just farting around with tools as I edit making changes willy nilly, but I'm making a point of carefully choosing the changes I make and putting a lot of intent into each individual photograph. I'm just chuffed that I can treat my digital art the same way I would do a drawing or painting, as by nature I am a fine artist. Technology has corrupted my soul however lol! But I like it. It means I am flexible and open to new things and generally I like to think I'm that way, away from my art. I feel the urge to draw something. It always happens this way, and ALWAYS at inappropriate hours. ah well, bed time!

moonangelnay xxx


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