Monday, 7 March 2011

Late again!

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ahem... argggghhh! Crikey what a mad couple of weeks! and it's still mad! I should have expected it really... making bunny hats... changing my shop tags (getting used to this SEO thing now)... the addition of a NEW HAT and picture courtesy of the amazing jsbfrechin on Etsy from and EASTER is but a month away. It's lovely to be so busy but my poor garden hasn't been sown and I am experiencing waaaaaaaaay too many late nights to compensate for the times I'm unable to work when I have the "kiddie shift". I am ploughing through the next few days with my partner finally having a few days off work, but yes some things are being sacrificed like my features for the blog, planting my potatoes ( :( ) and other foods, and anything I think could wait a little bit longer... but ohhhh... when the backlog of hats is out of the way I am SO going on a spa day. I think it's necessary :)

One thing I managed to do in the last few weeks is design new business cards for Babamoon and a postcard with details of my out of house business in baby portraiture that I think may actually manifest sometime this year, and I had the first lot of 100 come through the other day which almost brought a tear to my eye. They're AMAZING! I thought I'd show you the current look for my packaging which I've been using for a while now, using the pink envelopes (yep... the post office people know who I am LOL), my cards and the labelled hat inside a protective sleeve. I had used the free cards from Vistaprint for a while and figured I needed something more personal... and my goodness these are just perfect! Please excuse the quality... I've been using my phone for images recently as my poor DSLR's charger is missing somewhere in the many boxes that still need to be emptied :( But still! :D

So until next time, hopefully things will be less sporadic on here soon but for now I'll be writing when I can at least once or twice a week.

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TOMAS said...

Thank you for the miraculous healing. Your photography created the miracle - all my dark thoughts were swept away while viewing the picture. Just incredible purity of your baby with the carrot pierced deeply into the heart of grateful arthiker I bow to you - applaud and welcome to my own blogs. Please visit my pictures. I hope you will enjoy them too and your comments will illuminate my window towards the world, so to speak. THANK YOU

Babamoon said...

Hi Tomas!

You must've missed that the image is actually by another photographer! I can't take credit for this work... it is very beautiful, but also not my child lol! I have had permission to use the image in my store only so that's as much as i have besides creating the hat. thanks for such a lovely comment as always :)

Best wishes! nay x

Stay hydrated get focused said...

This is so adorable. Made my day. Thank you for the post and can't wait for you to have your spa day =P you deserve it

Stay Hydrated Get Focused

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