Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Soldered Pendants from thePENDANTstudio

Belated - BESTeam Mosaic
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Twas my mom's birthday yesterday, so this is a day later than usual. Enjoy!

the PENDANTstudio on Etsy... I have actually stumbled across this Etsy shop by Aimee before, and have been swept away by intrigue when having a good browse through her unique jewelry fo the fact that she encases her pendants in a silver frame of solder. I have only tried soldering once before to repair a fiberoptic toy that my son managed to destroy during a local festival some years back, and could I do it? No way! It takes some skill to solder with a steady hand, let alone being able to make these amazingly straight lines that Aimee (who describes herself as a perfectionist) is able to with her frames. I have to say I was very impressed when I first saw her shop and I am more so now, as some of the pieces contain more than just images and could easily be described as wearable pieces of art! The material she uses is lead free and contains 4.9 % sterling silver along with tin and copper, and I love the fact that she does take the framed pendants a step further by including little gems and charms behind the glass with the images, and one of my favourites has to be one of her inclusions in the shop known as "Love Song" which has been featured in Great Finds on madeformebyoaklie. Not restricted to Soldered pendants, you can also find pandora style custom charms, keychains, magnets, gift tags and personalized items and Aimee also offers to do bespoke pieces if you get in touch with her and let her know what sort of ideas you may have for a piece. Have a nosey through my mosaic below and make sure you take a visit to Aimee's shop. You will love it! Aimee's Blog!

For those of you with a passion for handmade, and you have a blog that is in need of a consistant weekly post to drive your traffic and help fellow artisans by doing the same. Come and join the BESTeam!

All items are clickable and will take you directly to thePENDANTstudio's listings...


YourDailyJewelsBLOG said...

Great post! I agree, they are little pieces of art. I hope folks read this and go shopping!

The Pendant Studio said...

Thank you! (blushing)

Linda said...

The Cat Pendant is so cute!
All About Cats

John Vizcarrondo said...


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