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Weird Week... yes... It has certainly been different! This morning for instance has been the 2nd night in a row that my son (not the baby) has decided to keep me up all night, then when coupled with my daughters desire to do the same things can be pretty tiring for me as you can imagine! It normally happens when I have been up late working too. Go figure! So I've been awake each night imagining all the snoozing bodies in my timezone whilst the kids are jumping around all over the bed. At least it's given me time to reflect a lot on plans for the future which has been the positive!

I won't go into everything but I'll share what occured at the start of the week. It was probably the weirdest day, with my new sofa having arrived to the house, and the darned thing just refused to fit through any of the doors! We got it in, in the end without the rip off suggestion from the company we purchased from (upholsterers to take apart my NEW sofa for a quarter of it's value??? I know they didn't even try to go there... nooooooooo!), by getting it in through our front window which had to be removed... ho! Oh the fun of that day...

But yes. I do wonder why sometimes in life you tend to get these very bizarre stages where loads of strange things occur. And believing in the law of attraction I do get a bit confused by it. As these events are generally neither positive or negative for me. Just weird... like you've hit some sort of ink smudge in the story of your life.
I always expect with negative events, that they will be followed by 3 times more positive results (they always do) and that positive events are always progressive in the same way. Things are constant and always moving with a directive known as intention. But something in between that is far from normal? I don't often experience things that for some could be extremely frustrating for some that leave me feeling quite neutral. It's exciting to say the least, I do wonder what will come of such things as I think sometimes that in a way maybe it means I'm quite comfortable with the occurances in life and open to new experiences without judgement or fear. Then I can completely contradict that and poop my pants about things which I guess is human nature, having an emotional body as we all do. It's fascinating though. The kind of things that move people to joy, or tears, or just don't really do anything. I love experiencing emotions as they tell me so much about me, where I've been and where I'm going and especially since having my children I find that all of my experiences whatever they are, good or bad seem to be worth it in the end.

Happy Valentines day for tomorrow everyone! May cupids arrows work overtime :)

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Relationships said...

What an adorable photo...
Funny how we do tend to run through a few things in a row that are challenging us with nothing but negativity. I look at that as a little black cloud....and as we all know clouds do pass eventually as do the negative challenges ~

canvas artwork online said...

yes i couldnt agree more.

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