Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Our Love Inscribed With Blood


No.44 ... Hi Everyone! Ah I've missed browsing for new favourite buys on Etsy! I have found it hard to pick favorites this week but I've managed to compile a small collection to show you today! These are some of my favourite top 5 handmade items, from the kind Etsians that have featured my work in the past few weeks for my altered photography store and my baby accessories store.

My favorite treasury! 'Our Love Inscribed With Blood' by 'Photosynthetic'


Etsy Seller - Photosynthetic - Photography
Featured Treasury - Our Love Inscribed With Blood

Item - Luxury handmade soap gift set
Etsy seller - BarSoap Luxury Handmade Soaps
Treasury East - Too Hot To Handle

Item - Heart Magazine Album-Picture Disk
Etsy Seller - missgaylee - Eclectic Mix Of Vintage and Jewelry
Treasury East - All I Do is Done with Passion

Item - Set of 4 Old Lady Swearwords Badges Buttons Letterpress
Etsy Seller - sianuska Original Screen Prints, Letterpress and Badges
Treasury - Kung Hei Fat Choi

Item - Nuno Felted Silk Saree Top ( S or M size)
Etsy Seller - realfaery Funky Felts
Treasury - Mystery of Legends

Thanks again for the features everyone :)

moonangelnay x


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