Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Jewelry by ElizabethMD

Tuesday - BESTeam Mosaic
weekly shoutout to the dedicated workers that like to help other handmade artists...

OH MY GOOD GOLLY! My apologies AGAIN for missing the mark yesterday posting Monday Magic. It turns out, now that we are in our new property that we weren't able to connect our internet until this morning due to mountains of boxes, the chaos of toys and the wee ones, and general work life slowing progress down. The mobile blogging thing just wasn't going to happen (trying totally failed), so I'm glad to have the feeling of keyboard keys at my fingertips *ahhhh lovely*. Now for today's BESTeam Mosaic!

ElizabethMD on Etsy... I am loving the work of Elizabeth M. Duquette, which besides being unique and delicately beautiful, is also protrayed sensitively in her store which I feel brings a lovely mystical quality to her jewelry. She describes herself as being one to enjoy the pleasure of uniqueness and individuality as she herself likes to have something different on her person that no one else may have, as opposed to bumping into people that could be wearing the same items as her. This inspired her current vision of being able to create something that will never be created again. Truely one of a kind!

Check out her blog too to not only see some of her own Artist features, but to enjoy a lovely mix of fashion trends, and personal posts too :)

For those of you with a passion for handmade, and you have a blog that is in need of a consistant weekly post to drive your traffic and help fellow artisans by doing the same. Come and join the BESTeam!

All items are clickable and will take you directly to ElizabethMD's listings...


Linda said...

Nice Feature!
All About Cats Etsy Shop
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Unknown said...

what wonderful jewelry!!! enjoyed the feature!
- Cookalashoc

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