Sunday, 21 November 2010

It Takes Two!

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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It Takes Two! ... I am quite familiar with that number this week as it been encompassing a lot of the goings on in plenty of the situations befalling me. Like my spam happy commenter has stopped using their old alias to riddle this blog full of crap (number twos... ho!) and started using a NEW one... for which I dont even want to dignify with naming it... I wouldn't want to give them a fighting chance in the searching engines, they've ticked me off too much now. That's the most negative number two of the week thankfully. The remainder has been a much more positive with double the effort I make in the day to run my Babamoon store as I now find myself constantly nurturing both the Etsy one and my newer Artfire one. Still haven't done the Zibbet one although I will do eventually. I think that I'm going to try and strenghten the presence of my Artfire shop first both outside and in. I am really happy with how it's working out but I have needed to tweak all my imported listings which is time consuming, although having said that it has made me evaluate how to try improving on my listing SEO. I have also made two new headbands this week that are very cute. Two hearts, one red and one green. Perfect for Christmas I think :) The intention was to make a host of colors, but realistically I think a project like that is best saved for over the holidays when there's less of a Christmas panic! Speaking of headgear, I also purchased two new pinks in the Sirdar Snowflake yarn that I normally make the animal hats out of in response to a customer that was looking for a softer pink for a potential order... but couldn't decide which was better, and for one of my orders in the week I had to make 2 bear hats which isn't usual as i normally find the bunny hats dominate my orders. Then there's been my two children and spending more time than usual in their comapny as my partners has had a busier than normal week working. That's been the nicest part as although I am with them all of the time anyway, just having that little bit more has given more thought as to how to spend the extra time together so I figured that as my daughter is more alert now I would reintroduce baby signing into the household. So out came my sons old DVDs and I got a fab app with all the BSL signs that are helpful on hand for doing this with children, and I've been signing away with my sons help trying to teach her how to communicate with us along with speech. She's taking to it well, although rather than trying to sign she's doing an amazing job of copying sounds which is wonderful, and in all of this she has worked out how to say Dada and associate the word to her Daddy :) It's really cute, whenever he's in the room she'll give him the biggest smile and say "Eyo Dada!" I tell ya, he's been on cloud 9 all week... she loves saying it to him. She's 6 months old today so I'm really pleased with her achievement :)

Well that's it for now although I just want to quickly mention that the is 10% off everything in Babamoon until 11pm GMT tonight! If you're looking for Christmas gifts for baby then this is one opportunity before Black Friday to take advantage! Best wishes everyone and Happy Thanksgiving for those that will celebrate on Thursday. Ta ta!

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Have a great weekend all!

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