Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Big List!


No.7!!! I'll save the long intro because it's a long one today! I didn't expect things like Saturday to happen which left me in total elation for days! I know it has been mentioned before but I want to put further emphasis on the people that have made my past week so incredible on here and on Etsy. Here are some small features of appreciation for all these great artists, plus some favourites from their stores :)

TREASURIES 6 of them... I couldn't believe it myself. especially when the number tallied to 6 exactly on Saturday morning!!!! All at once! I was left dumbfounded, it was quite special to think that my work was being found and displayed on Etsy in such nice ways via it's sellers. I'll start from the order I found them in. First was the one that made the front page in it's last few hours on Saturday by WiredWhimsy, a homeschooling mom who has a fabulous store dedicated to wonderful jewelry! My favourite item from her store is on the left of this paragraph and you can go straight to it just by clicking on the picture! Thanks so much for including me in your treasury!

I found TWO of my prints in a treasury called 'spring is in the air' by Lilithine on Etsy which was nice! I dont think thats happened before so it was a surprise! Lilithine has a nice store with tree pendants and skirts on show. The tree pendants are my favourites! And particularly the one on the left! Check out Lilithines store! :)

Pasin on Etsy had included me as an alternate in their beautiful Lime and Yellow treasury over the weekend. I don't know if I made it to the main at all but I am still grateful to be considered as a potential, and this treasury was by far my favourite! So many beautiful choices as part of the collection! So in thanks I wanted to feature this cute flower necklace on the left from Pasin's store. check it out!

BESTeam TREASURIES The next 3 are all from fellow BESTeam members which despite the fact I know I'll probably be featuring them all soon I still want to offer my gratitude for including some of my work in the team treasuries... after all there are a fair few of us on the team so it has been nice to find myself included even for the fact that I'm still relatively new to the team!
From left to right you will find a gorgeous red handbag by MissPrettyPerfect on Etsy, a beautiful pair of leaf earrings by LeoAndJunie, and finally the most gorgeous leaf necklace EVER by MysticWynd :D You all rule thanks so much!

FEATURES Gilliauna on Etsy as I meantioned over the weekend wrote a wonderful feature for my work on Saturday. And it really did add to the day! So I wanted to thank you again for making me smile and writing such nice things! You can check out Gilliauna's blog right here. It's full of great features all the time, plus other fab handmade and intriguing posts! On the left I have included a lovely set of yellow beaded 'Peony' Earrings which I love to bits! Click on them to visit the listing directly!

Finally, my BESTeam featurer of the week is a wonderful hand-knitter known as Nevita on Etsy. She notified me today to let me know that she had written about me on her blog and its such a lovely post! I am still very moved that she gets such positive energy from visiting my store, it's things like that, just like Gilliauna's post that really do make me feel good about what I try to achieve as an artist. Thanks so much Nevita for your kind words! I am a knit-o-holic, and I am so impressed with Nevita's collection of knitted scarves, shrugs and necklaces it's hard to pick favourites! So I have settled with using my eye for photo compostition to make the decision for me and I'm in love with this photo on the left! Besides being a great lightweight scarf, this photo is a wikid seller... Don't you think so??? Check it out by clicking the photo for a better look! :)

PHEW! So That's it I think for this week. I hope I havent left anyone out... if I have I'll pop you into next weeks feature :)


Vivian said...

Hi moonanbgel found you through linkreferal and glad I did. You make some wonderful oranments.
Greets Vivian

missprettyperfect said...

Thanks so much for including my messenger bag :D

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