Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Zzzzzzzz Ramble

If I could sum up my state of mind today I'd probably end up swearing a lot so I won't bother, but I have had a frustrating couple of days... Made worse just now by a flippin robot calling my house again! ARGH! Does anybody actually fall for these calls??? Is that why after years that they are still going on tormenting people in their homes? That's just not right! Anyway! ... Sorry I've had a record number of calls of that variety today... need to VENT!

Anyways... yeah, I've been super busy which isn't any different from the usual but unfortunately it hasn't been because I have been the diligent worker on my Etsy store. Man I wish it was, but it's pretty much swallowed up days where I had motivation and now I suddenly don't. Anyhoo, I can continue getting bits done again and I will, sore back and fatigue aside, hopefully get somewhere with it all!

A few things I have managed to do that's been fabby doody the past few days is become a team member of POE (Photographers on Etsy) which put me in the best mood ever, and signed up to Indie Public too... I'm everywhere suddenly. Trick is now to keep on top of it all! I also made a treasury on Etsy full of wonderful artists that have wonderful floral work on sale in their stores. This is inspired from my own store of flowers in my garden, but I'll go on about that in a bit!

Also I have literally just been informed by CanadianRockies on Etsy that I have been featured in their blog treasury which is amazing, the piece photography that has been used is one that I adore from a small collection I managed to take at Ryton Garden Organics a few months back! I think this is the first blog feature that I've been made aware of so check it out!

Those familiar with my etsy store will know of my photo retouching services, well I have updated my listings with 4 types of service for those that are interested!

Enhance AirbrushRainbow Art Airbrush
Spotlight AirbrushSoftening Airbrush

Back to reality, for a few days I have been overjoyed at the progress of my first blooming sunflower! Absolutely EVERYTHING that I've planted in my garden has been grown from seed, and wow I'm amazed at the result now that the best weather of the year is beaming down on us here! It's one thing that I must make time for as I do have a tray with lettuce seedlings that need a patch to grow in, alongside my cabbages, broccolli and pumpkins. I was more faithful to my plants in the earlier portion of the year, but my lifestyle, particularly finding more time for computer work has made time generally seem non existant in my life. To be honest I don't think it exists anyway it's just an imposed concept of reliance to me, but presently that notion isn't going to tend to my garden! Lol! It's pretty easy once I'm out there, as it's the one thing that doesn't interfere with looking after my little boy. On the contrary, for him any excuse to get filthy and run around carefree without the need to climb furniture! Brilliant! I let him get on with it lol! He does love the outdoors, and I'm relieved and greatful really, what with society turning severely into nature fearers. I wouldn't be surprised if one day it's fashionable to don your child in bubble wrap for an outing! I'm old fashioned for my age I guess, and falling for fear mongering just isn't part of my persona. It's a blessing to know Yukio loves being outside and I can work on things out there knowing that he's happy, engaged and genuinely in awe of what surrounds him. I can't wait until he can consciously start tending to the garden with me ^_^

Phew! Right I'd better figure out what I should do next. I am seriously frazzled, I know I could get on with a lot, but I must be burnt out or something because the will just isn't there... Probably will be in an hour or so. My mind works pretty fast so that wouldn't suprise me lol!!!


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