Saturday, 4 July 2009

My Ramblings... Plus An Etsy Update :D

Apart from today, I've been pretty busy tip tapping away on my computer. Today I was busy elsewhere so I didn't exactly break away from things but nevertheless, I have been doing a lot to help my mini empire along! (I wish... lol). Some people must think I'm mad, looking after my son full time AND trying to work from home, which takes up all of my other time and currently for zip whilst I'm still getting started. But I want to make it work because I believe I can do it and I have my son to think about. Nothing else to it. The other half was seriously saying to me today "oooh in the short term if all goes well, you can treat yourself to luxuries and go out etc...". This is assuming I'd be earning consistantly! But I just CANT imagine really giving a damn about going out when the opportunity arises. I don't know if it's the same across the waters, but in the UK (or at least with a lot of people in this country) it's so disturbingly vital to most to go out, get paraletically hammered, suffer the consequences the next day, then do it all over again on a regular basis! Is it weird for me to want to spend my money on enjoying myself without looking like a buffoon, with narcotic or booze fuelled confidence, and a monster hangover the next day? I don't see why it's "the thing" to do. I'm 24 and people seem to just expect it of me but I really do think that I can enjoy myself much more, remember what I've done in the process, and more than likely feel pretty good in the morning just by doing something random like I did a few weeks back as an example, and get myself my provisional motorbike license! LOL! There's a thrill for ya ;-) I have my son to think about like i say! and my life... even my dignity... man there are some horror stories about! I mean I'm not tee total, nor a saint, and to contradict myself slightly I do think that it's ok to have a drink now and again, but I'm just not a party animal anymore and definitely cannot do the things I used to do! I'm old already lol!

Anyway... a few days ago I updated on Etsy... so check out the new photography! :D

Twilight Rose 8x12 Inch Print - Creative Fine Art Photography By Moonangelnay $25

Romance 8x12 Inch Print - Creative Fine Art Photography By Moonangelnay $20

That's it for tonight I think... Knackered, and another busy day tomorrow awaits! Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July over t'world like :-)


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