Friday, 13 November 2009

FRIDAY - Friday Finds... BACK!

Friday Finds...BACK!

...Although not today! I managed to get my internet back on Monday... after being embarrassed to the nth degree when the bloomin modem started working the moment the flippin technician walked through the door. According to him the problem was actually the ISP in the first place and never the modem, which leaves me questioning the technical genius of the guy who walked me through the modems power stats on the phone being as HE was the one who told me I needed a new modem! But generally I am under the conclusion that all the techs at my ISP are *impolite words*, being as this one I met on Monday thought it would be highly amusing to make fun of the situation because of the fact I'm a "woman" and therefore rubbish at anything internet related. Shows how much he knows! I couldn't believe him... if there are people in the world that need the net to settle their daily surfing fix then he can direct his impromptu crud at an appropriate target... some people have to work! Cheeky swine. Anyway! I'm back, and almost back on track as I've had a lot to catch up with, so I will pretty much start the blog from Sunday, and continue my search for Monday's Magic people and Fridays interview for next week. Sorry for the delay once again, and glad to be getting on with things!

moonangelnay x


SleightGirl said...

Welcome back! At least you got a guy on the phone when you had internet troubles...I always get a computer that will never let me talk to a real person...arrrg.

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