Saturday, 24 September 2011

A new format for the BESTeam!

It's the weekend! And I get to try out a new format for the BESTeam features today. Rather than the usual one seller feature, our members are now able to showcase three at a time which is a wonderful opportunity for the team to help promote each other more often. So to cater for the 3 awesome sellers I have also changed the way I display this feature slightly. For anyone on Etsy with a blog that is interested in joining our team, please check out the link at the end of this post to visit our forum page.

BESTeam Mosaic


All items are clickable and will take you directly to elizabethmd's listings...

Elizabeth from Sarnia Ontario draws her inspiration from many different areas such as gothic and medieval, rockabilly and other vintage subcultures. Her jewelry shows off a range of different styles likely based on all of the things she admires and likes to research. Not holding back on bright colors, you can find items to suit a broad age range for gifting or as a personal treat!

All items are clickable and will take you directly to mossycreeksoaps' listings...

Stop by Michelles gorgeous bath and body store and find yourself in a delicious indulgence of natural homemade soaps and other gifts. Michelle takes pride in her soaps and likens her processes to that of experiences with cooking; The fact that you can create such wonderful things using a few ingredients. And the scents used in her soaps sound just divine!

All items are clickable and will take you directly to bluewhitewear's listings...

I just love jewelry from around the world and the jewelry of bluewhitejewelrywear certainly gives a lot to explore and discover. This is a beautiful shop with pieces that have gorgeous Chinese style designs or engravings. The use of gemstones makes each of the pieces feel close to nature and truely one of a kind!

For those of you with a passion for handmade, and you have a blog that is in need of a consistant weekly post to drive your traffic and help fellow artisans by doing the same. Come and join the BESTeam!


Mossy Creek Soap said...

Love the new format~You really made it look so good! Thank you for that fabulous write up!

TheDollsFactory said...

great post
keep up the wonderful work you are doing here
come and say hi
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The Dolls Factory

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a new follower! Love the format! I am looking for bloggers to participate in 25 Day's of Christmas Blogshare...check out the post and leave a comment if you are interested in participating!

Sandra said...

Interesting format! Congrats! Following you now! Love, Sandra.

AML said...

Love the format!This would showcase more creative talents and to promote more with this display feature. Love it!

aubzie said...

This is interesting! nice format! Great blog and contents and I'm a new follower via gfc :)

Hope you can follow me at Aubzielation and Party Prints & Pieces

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Jan Cobb said...

Ornaments and jewellery collections looking too pretty and awesome. Love the ornaments and to wear it. Really nice.

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Stan Alderson said...

Great idea! this will indeed help handmade crafters a lot...Great format!!! I hope crafters would benefit a lot from this...

Anonymous said...

benefited format...i am pleased..

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