Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Stuff!

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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New Stuff!... I am trying to adjust to a quiet few days after a long busy couple of months, and obviously what happened at Christmas with our dog, and really enjoying the free time to think, read, bake and conjure up new ideas and nurture my shops a little. It's been lovely outside of work too being able to get out of the house a bit to enjoy lots of 1 on 1 time with my children.

I have tried hard over the months to give determinned attention to my photography store, and I'll be honest I had been experiencing times of wondering whether I should have closed up as my other shop Babamoon has dominated so much of my time, I have up until now been completely unable to get out and take new photos. Maintaining it was never a problem but I'm always seeking the fresh and new, and with the seasons changing I have been so desperate to get out and enjoy capturing some of the interesting things going on in nature. And then there's my digital painting, the signature of my style in Moonangelnay Photography. That's been at a standstill lately and the most useful thing my pen tablet had been doing in my absence was to collect dust. I felt pretty guilty that I was only able to print orders and renew listings. It felt very much like a production line, and there was nothing new being put in so I really did think that I should have shut shop for a little while until I have my studio set up in my new house when we move. Thankfully though the break has come along without me needing to close either of them even just for a vacation so I have some new things coming along in both stores that I wanted to share which I had been meaning to do for months :) It's nice having the urge to take photos but I have a growing backlog of images with tonnes of notes on to edit from the summer and autumn so I'm currently completing those as well as thinking of new ideas for images this year.

My daughter has started to crawl this week which has been the highlight for our little family. It's so far been a bum shuffling effort from her to get from A to B, but she has finally begun to coordinate her legs with the movements from her arms. She's still a bit clumsy with it but it's early days. I'm very proud of her for being so mobile for so long without the ability to crawl! She looks like she's ready to pull herself up to her feet too as she's giving clambering up furniture a good go. It'll be lovely to see her running around, I can't wait :) My son has also had some nice things going on for him lately like growing confidence in his independance, which has come in good time for him beginning nursery. He's been ever so good intergrating into the whole nursery scenario which for a lot of children can be a bit daunting, yet his teachers tell me he settled in without any real sort of need for their support, and has already been making friends after just his trial session! Very proud of him for that. I'm sure when I was his age, I clung on to my mom's ankles for dear life when I realised she was going to leave me at nursery LOL!

I think I might bake some bread today so I'm off to do that after checking out the hoppers from Thursdays Blog Hop. Stop by on Thursday if you'd like to join in the next one, I do try to follow back everyone I havent followed before! Hope you all have a great weekend and take care x

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Amazin prints!

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Excellent photos of the babies.Thanks

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Great pics of the babies.Thanks

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