Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Muted Rainbows


No.42 ... And we're back with the usual Wednesday Gratitude posts! I mentioned a few days ago about how this feature will go from today onwards as I am finding that a LOT of treasuries and blog features can occur in any one week and I am lack the time to post everyone's links and items. So from today I will show off my favorite 5 from each week. These are some of my favourite top 5 handmade items, from the kind Etsians that have featured my work in the past few weeks for my photography store.

My favorite treasury! 'Somewhere Over The Muted Rainbow' by 'rewelliott'

Item - Sand Dunes Greeting Card
Etsy Seller - SchutterbugPhoto Handmade Photo Cards
Treasury East - Each Little Flower That Opens...

Item - Scarf Necklace Upcycled Bright Neon Fluorescent
Etsy Seller - alterdelenda Upcycled Accessories
Treasury - Was it a Dream?

Item - Glass Flowers - 8x10 Fine Art Print
Etsy Seller - CMarshallPhotography Photography
Treasury - Fine Art Photography

Thanks again for the features everyone :)

moonangelnay x


holly said...

Cute items, I love the colors on that greeting card!

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