Friday, 21 January 2011

An Early Coffee and Cake...

It's Friday...

It is on!... Our house move is underway so of course I've had to have lots of limitations this week with certain features, and this of course is one that I've had to postpone until next week too. There are some issues going on which I cannot believe are happening regarding the fact that we hoped to be moving this weekend, which is down to the sellers of the property we are buying. It's come today at the last minute so we're chewing our hands off waiting news on what's going on. the situation with the blog may remain the same as we still need to sort out loads whether we move when we'd hoped or not. I'll still be working over the days on my orders but I doubt my time can be stretched further than that really. I have had the chance to ready a few of the more recent things I've made and haven't shared on my blog so I thought I'd paste those into this quick post today, but I need to scramble really being as we have a tonne to do for this weekend! There's a possibility of course that posts for early next week will be postponed, but we'll see how things go with that! I'll be in touch soon everyone :)

Recent Altered Photography And Baby Accessories
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moonangelnay x


Con Artist Trickster said...

Both pictures above are so gorgeous. What a cute baby and what a beautiful flower.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house move hon! They're


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