Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Quick One

A quick one... I'm sure everyone is going mental this weekend preparing for Christmas... 6 days away... sheesh! I am quite certain the last time I looked which i swear was yesterday (ahem) there was at least another 10 days added to that number. Anyhoo, I cannot ramble much today for I have orders to fulfill, presents to knit, and food to prepare for the big day. I instead thought I'd leave a recent new image that I hope to add to the collection in my hat shop after Christmas, and give ya'll a sneak preview :) I have made bajillions of these rainbow bunny hats so I thought it deserved some new images. And this one is one of my faves! :)
If I don't randomly post in the week (which is likely as I have too much to do to focus much on features), I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas now! Speak soon!

Recent Altered Photography And Baby Accessories
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Alessandra said...

I know it does go by so fast. It feels like just yesterday it was the beginning of November & now Christmas is near. I'll take a look at the new additions added. Merry Christmas to you enjoy your holiday!

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