Sunday, 12 December 2010

Frozen Over

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Frozen Over... Phew I have had a busy couple of weeks. Now that my last shipping days are coming and going things have quietened down a bit so I have had the chance to chill the last few days, which funnily enough has felt totally weird. I'm used to being busy anyway but I had been uber busy with orders which with the bulk having been completed, I am now left with just a few local orders and a bit of spare time to do what I want with. And I haven't known what to do! LOL. My daughter has taken advantage and has gone from clingy to being glued to me so we've had loads of time together. My partner has suggested I go out for the day sometime in the next week to have a bit of me time which I can now comfortably enjoy since the weather in the country has become milder the last few days. Boy did it get cold here lately.
It's unusual for the UK to get as cold as -25 celcius or something like that, but in places it plunged to that and may have been lower I'm not sure. I know what the weather suggeted for me locally and it always turned out to be colder on our thermometer! My coldest day was -12 celcius and there was the most amazing frost everywhere. It looked like it had snowed in our garden. For my family it was a great spectacle as like I say it's not a temperature we experience often in the UK so I was really happy to capture some new images of the bizarre happenings in my garden. The best find was the frozen spiders web. That was a stunning sight! I have lots of new images to play around with for my photography store... that's something I have wanted to do for ages so I was really glad for mother nature to provide something different for me and my camera to enjoy. I'm not sure when I'll get to work on it as Babamoon has kind of taken over things but I hope to have it sorted by early January. We'll see how that goes!

so for the remainder of my weekend I am going to get on with orders, and hopefully have a nice night playing chess with my other half. Looking forward to that!

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Bee said...

Beautiful pictures:)

baisimu said...

That's a lovely picture of the frozen spider web! Over here in Singapore (where I come from) it's summer all year round, so for a person who hasn't seen real snow before, those pictures are fascinating!

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