Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Turquoiseangels Tutu's And Hair Accessories

Tuesday - BESTeam Mosaic
weekly shoutout to the dedicated workers that like to help other handmade artists...

TurquoiseAngels on Etsy... Ok I'm in cute overload! There was nothing remotely girly about me before the birth of my daughter, as much as my other half likes to disagree (madness) for I always found myself just kind of blending in with the male dominant household. To be honest I always had a lot of guy friends and was very much a tomboy at school although through my college years I did make more of an effort to be 'slightly' girly. Skirts were always out of the question until I had this bad ass self defence consultancy job that made me look fit and healthy which was probably the girliest (ironically) part of my life but to not totally take me out of my comfort zone I would always be kicking butt doing Karate every day of the week :) But back to the all male household, yep that brought me back to tomboy, and then my little girl came along which has now clouded my vision with pink, princesses, fairys , frilly and kawaii to the max! I actually did a little punch in the air and squeal when checking out my BESTeam feature assignment for today as I get to feature Turquoiseangels' page! A mother and daughter team are the driving force behind Turquoiseangels. Their shop opened in a fabulous burst of color which is always the best way to capture my attention on Etsy (being the color magpie that I am), so immediately I was drawn in and found myself easily hopping from one item to the next, admiring each one for the special qualities and effort that has obviously been put into them. There is plenty there to tantilize the girly girl in you from cute tutu's for little ones (and dogs!), to big fabric flowers and swirly bows to accessorize with. I think the store is just adorable and for what they make they offer great value to their customers! If you plan to dress up your younger family members this holiday season in an outfit fit for little angels then this one is definitely worth a look!

Turquoiseangels' Blog... is as cute as the store, with great BESTeam features and even a bit more about the artist herself. Check it out! :)

For those of you with a passion for handmade, and you have a blog that is in need of a consistant weekly post to drive your traffic and help fellow artisans by doing the same. Come and join the BESTeam!

All items are clickable and will take you directly to Turquoiseangels' listings...


Anonymous said...

Love your Etsy shop!

New follower stopping by from Follow me back Tuesday blog hop :)


April said...

hi! i'm following from To The Top Blog Hop! i hop you'll visit my blog and follow back :)



Anonymous said...

Awesome Etsy shop!!

Saying hi from FMBT!

Unknown said...

I love these tutu's! With two daughters and a papilion puppy named Audrey it would be adorable to see them all in one! I found your blog on the hop and look forward to following along and hope you may wish to do the same!

Turquoise Angels said...

Thank you so much for this adorable feature.

And thank you to all who made such nice comments.

Anonymous said...

The tutus and hairbows are so, so cute! Nice article.

Domestic Goddess said...

Nice feature. Adorable offerings.


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