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Trip to Santa

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Trip to Santa! ... I was in a bit of a stressful polava yesterday trying to navigate my way through stationary human traffic in my City Centre through what is quite possibly the busiest shopping day I have ever dared set foot in... ever! And boy did I wish I didn't after a few hours lol! We were there from 11am to 5pm and I really couldn't believe how much shopping time we had in those hours. It was so bad we actually spent more time squashed between people at the Frankfurt Market trying to go from the museum to the Bullring then we did actually browsing any market stalls (of which we only managed to glance at about 4) and shopping down the high street. It was absolute chaos! My poor kids were freezing as it had plummetted to -7 degrees celcius in the day which is highly unusual for Birmingham at the best of times, and everyone had that 'ploughing mentality' where they just look at the floor and bowl themselves through the crowds. My son who was being a very good boy despite everything was being knocked all over the place, and trying hard not to loose the Christmas spirit I was feeling pretty crappy about why we hadn't forseen such a thing coming. We decided to cut the shopping short in the end and I'm going to go back, armoured and ready for the crowds to do a bit of people ploughing myself and finish my Christmas shopping when I get my last orders out of the way. I wouldn't put my kids through that again, it's disheartening to think that people can be so rude, ignorant and cruel knocking a 3 year old to the floor many times without apologising, or half the time even noticing when all we did was courteously make way for people trying to set a good example to the children. *Sigh*

At least the best part of the day was spent when we had initially arrived into town and made our way to the Museum and Art Gallery to have cultured morning looking at the exhibits and to visit our favourite Santa that always sets up his grotto at the Museum every year. It was so wonderful. Because he had only planned to be there for 2 days, we expected to be queuing for ages upon arrival but we were actually pretty much first in there!

We were greeted by a Christmas Fairy who was very sweet to my son who at that point had melted away all of his brave Santa list chatter and gone very shy, and managed to coax us into the lovely little grotto that we could hear Santa Ho Ho Ho-ing in to himself. This being my daughters first Christmas was an extra special occassion and Santa was very sweet picking up on that and having a discussion with my son about it. My son at the best of times when he is in shy mode tends to just stand glued to the spot but was very quickly warmed to this lovely man's kindness and way with words which made the whole experience very exciting for him, and gave him that bit of independance and confidence that we crave for him when it comes to talking to other people. He can sometimes be heavily reliant on us for being as shy as he is, so was a revelation for him in his ability to be a big boy and talk about his little sister and wishes with confidence. It was the perfect trip! And after we had a wander around the museum and let my son direct us to all of his favourite exhibitions like "the Cry" bronze sculpture and Ancient Egyptian area. I guess things always work out that way just to balance things out. Well... despite the hullaballoo in town, my kids are in fab spirits today, so I think seeing Santa was enough to keep everything positive for them this weekend :)

Regarding work I am super busy with hat making this weekend as Black Friday has been and gone and my Babamoon sale is going on until the 13th of December anyway so people have started getting their Christmas orders in. If you are interested in purchasing a hat from Babamoon this weekend then there's 25% off everything! If you want a further 10% off, join my Facebook Page and look out for my FB Fans Coupon Code on the page :) Note that I am not running this sale in my photography store.

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


BananasAreGross said...

Hello love, I tried to write you back via email and it said it failed and that it was not a valid email address. What would you like me to do?

Yet said...

wow, you're busy! Have fun with it all. Santa! yay!!

Grace Matthews said...

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

You have adorable kids...but I guess you already know that.

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