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Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Grump-o-meter... Halloween went down without a hitch, with taking a dunk in a makeshift bobbing for apples pot, a minimal healthy Halloween feast, and a visit from a close friend who became the subject of torment... ahem play time from my little boy lol!. It was the highlight of the week, and soon to be followed with a pretty rough time of things. I have had a bit of a high strung week since Halloween, but there has been a lot happening. Like for example we are supposed to be moving house earlier than anticipated and looking at various processes relating to it that are hair raising enough in thought let alone the reality. It's an exciting prospect but my goodness I wish we had started all this sooner really... Hindsight is a lovely thing... I think this is the universes way of rewarding my impatience, so as I had hoped all those months ago (eek) it's all happening very very fast! So yes that has been reviving my inner goblin this week, as has my little mans terrible-three head that I think he kept on after Halloween lol! He has been a bit of a monster as of late choosing to get practice in acting like a teenager when various things happen that draw attention away from him. For example a few days ago my daughter cried because she needed a feed, and he suddenly started to fake cry. I approached him and asked him what was wrong and he was be like "I'm hungry too waaaaaahhhhhh!" with a sandwich firmly in his grasp, really belting out the biggest yell he could muster. So I pointed out his half eaten sandwich (I dared... I learnt my lesson) and he proceeded to fling himself onto the sofa as one does in a strop and then had an angry wobbly (the polite way to put it) because I obviously shouldn't have pointed out the tasty lunch he was already eating. Hmmm... well once diffused I asked him why he was being silly and his answer was "Oh, I'm angry so I'm going to feed MYSELF!" hmm yes... So, fun with a mini teen this week was on the cards. And to add to the joy I had been bestowed I have the most bizarre pains shooting through my little toe whenever I walk on it. I'm telling you that it is KILLER... But the weird thing is I haven't banged my foot, walked on it strangely or sprained it to my knowledge. It's so freaky. It only happens if I place my foot down in the wrong way but I still can't work out which way is the wrong way so I am constantly hopping around in pain to the delight of my kids who obviously think mommy is a very funny lady. Fun! I have to admit though that Bonfire night changed things a bit. We had a mini display of fountains and Roman candles in the garden for my little boy to enjoy which was nice, and he got to try out his first sparklers too! I haven't done the fireworks thing since I was a kid so it was nice running up and down the garden and hearing my little man squeal happily with each firey burst (sorry naighbours!). It's never been my thing really as I always worry about the animals with them, but as we got all the nice quiet ones it wasn't bad at all :)

Well my partner's at home today so my plan is to take advantage of the free time he's going to give me and clean the house in peace, finish my orders and have a yummy hot chocolate drink whilst watching a movie to myself as a reward. I need a rest which I don't normally admit but besides being tired and stressed from the week, I could do with the quiet reflection time as it's going to be impossible doing anything like that with the chaos of moving. It's been a toughy but to lighten the load I decided to pull out of my craft show to accomodate all these important priorities. It doesn't matter as I can always apply to others later. It's just unfortunate timing but, for my family it'll be a new beginning and worth giving all the time I have to making sure things run smoothly.

I'm chuffed at least to have progression in both of my stores :) A couple of new things have been introduced which you can click on below to check out the listings directly! In Babamoon I had a custom order before Halloween to make an adult sized Kiki headband and I loved it so much I made one for the store! And in my photography store I have one of my first 2011 5x7 Desk Calendars which can be put in a frame, stuck to the wall, stuck to the fridge, whatever creative placement you have in mind, there are 12 gorgeous photos to take you through the year to enjoy and beyond as the best part about them is that they are all printed using the Micro-piezo system that I love when I print my Giclee prints so they will last for a very long time!

Anyways coffee time!

Recent Altered Photography And Baby Accessories
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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


PoesyGirl said...

Oh, the calendar is such a great idea! I think you will do incredibly well with that!
Enjoy your coffee and your day!

Danielle said...

I am your newest follower from the Sunday Blog Hop . The Mommy Chronicles

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