Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nevita Handmade Knitted Accessories

Tuesday - BESTeam Mosaic
weekly shoutout to the dedicated workers that like to help other handmade artists...

Nevita on Etsy... I remember a long time ago in the earlier days of my Wednesday gratitude feature having included Nevita in a post in thanks to a feature done on myself. I remember then being impressed by Nevita's inventory of beautiful hand knitted accessories (ooooo the scarves!), and really pleased that I can offer a proper feature for Nevita today that is exclusively for her. Reading about her briefly on her bio profile on Etsy and her beautiful blog it seems that Nevita's crafting talents derived from her her past, being taught various handmade techniques by her Grandmother and have since become a venture that she wanted to share after the birth of her daughter. She has a lovely attitude to her work and seems like a wonderfully positive person, driven towards the happiness she strives to create in other people, and it's this drive that I think reflects in her work which is bright, bold, professional and considered in every detail. I LOVE her items which made it hard for my mosaic today lol! Too many things that i ♥ so I urge you to visit her store to see more :)

Nevita's Blog... is a must to visit to find out more about her work, and the handmade work of other artisans from all over the world. I love that she uses big bold images in her features which breaks up the posts beautifully, and the color scheme is fresh and relaxed making the whole experience a positive one. Stop by and check it out :)

For those of you with a passion for handmade, and you have a blog that is in need of a consistant weekly post to drive your traffic and help fellow artisans by doing the same. Come and join the BESTeam!

All items are clickable and will take you directly to Nevita's listings...


Domestic Goddess said...

Nice feature!

Lenox Knits said...

She has an absolutely lovely shop/blog. This was a great feature!
I wanted to let you know that I linked to you in my blog today about blogging of all things. I have always been an admirer of your work and well written blog.

Krysten said...

Following you From To the top Tuesdays!

Hugs & Smiles,

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I love the pink & blue scarf!

Here from FMBT to return your follow. THanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Nevita's work is wonderful. I love everything in her shop!

Nina said...

Wow! I wish we had chillier weather here in FL so I can wear more scarves!

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