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Dreaming of Purls

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Dreaming of Purls... I have an announcement to make before I share my post for today, and that is of the blog's 'First Giveaway' winner! Congratulations to Beth Willis of "The Willis Family Blog!". You have won yourself a custom made adorable pom pom hat like the one shown on the left. I will be processing your specific details soon as you already know :) So wow I can't believe the first one is all over! And so many of you entered too it was an amazing start to what I hope will be a great future for the giveaway feature :) There is currently ANOTHER giveaway running that began yesterday and is going to run until the 30th of this month so if you would like the opportunity to give it a go you can visit my second blog giveaway via the link :) I wanted to also say if people could PLEASE STOP entering the first giveaway! Some of you have 0_o And I have tried to close the comments since, but it looks like they are still open on my end... very new to that side of blog post control so you'll have to bare with me, but there is a "closed" notice as the top of the first giveaway post, although it seems a few people missed it... So I'll work out how to close the comments as fast as my little fingers can scour a page and hopefully prevent any confusion asap!

Anyway! I have got to say sooooooooooo many people out there seem to love my crochet flopsy bunny hat which has been translated into my sales count in my store... I have made so many in loads of different colors now for everyone that has ordered! I don't remember being as busy as I am currently for a long time regarding work, and I thought my photography business kept me on my toes. It's been wonderful but I have been knitting and crocheting so much that I'm even dreaming about it LOL! It's must be something to do with being a SAHM... my body is accustomed to poopy nappies, nursery rhymes and toddler tantrums and the thought of regular work has over excited my brain LOL! I'm having the best time though as it's something I love to do and I get so much satisfaction knowing that some of my snuggly creations are keeping little baby bonces warm somewhere in the world. I look forward to merging Babamoon into my prospective out of home business in portraiture. But before I can begin writing up a new webpage (which is my next task) for that, I must must must complete my orders and hope that a free day comes my way to get a move on with it. Time management is becoming my forté, and I am really feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

My partner has been recently gushing about how proud he is of me and I am so glad to feel like I can finally work on a plan that'll take care of the kids future. My little boy is proving each day to be more of a little man by very intelligently working out the things going on around him and being able to apply his own logic or helpful actions to keep the household moving. Like on my birthday he knew that I was getting ready for my first proper (kid free) evening out with my partner for a few years and he kept saying things like "You have to have a nice bath mommy, I want to mop the floor to help"... bless him! Each day he also insists on doing little things to help his baby sister like trying to teach her all the baby signing he learned at her age, singing songs to her and sharing his toys. For a child that has recently turned 3 I am so proud of his willingness to express such love for his family in such an intelligent way. He can be one cheeky monkey sometimes but what 3 year old isn't? I am just so chuffed that he isn't objecting to a lot of the changes that have come with having a new baby at home and seems to be just sailing along with it comfortably and enthusiastically. His efforts do make my days a little easier as I am just full on with everything including all of my mom duties, breastfeeding and donating milk to my local milk bank for the preemies. My daughter is now kinda able to sit up with a little less support each day which has been brilliant for her exploration of play, and has made life a lot more interesting at home. It frees up my hands a bit as well to be able to work on orders whilst supervising their play (or schooling for my son) time instead of normally having to be the armchair! It'll be interesting to see how this week progresses as she seems to be going through a spurt of changes. I envision that one day I'll probably be chasing her across the floor padding out all the corners so I'm probably in the honeymoon period right now lol!

Anyways I'd better be off to get on with the day. Thanks for reading and I'll be back for another ramble next week :)

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


K said...

New follower. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

SleightGirl said...

I don't know what's cuter... the hats or the babies!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

your kiddos are so cute!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog hop

Have a great weekend!!

Vera said...

Your little boy sounds so adorable, and he looks it too :) Your creations are sooo cute! I'll come back and check out your second giveaway. :)

missykade said...

Thank you so much for linking up with us again. Sorry I'm late getting back to you. I can't wait to read more of your blog : )

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Unknown said...

Hi there,
I'm from the hop! Stop by sometime!
Happy Monday

Crystal said...

Here for the blog hop and now following. hope you can visit me and follow me back!

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