Sunday, 10 October 2010

Birthday Long Weekend

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Birthday Long Weekend! Since Thursday I have been celebrating my birthday (yesterday) in the most rewarding and special way that I can remember for a LONG time. My partner was wonderful on the Thursday, taking the kids for the afternoon whilst I visted Birmingham City Center to do a little birthday shopping which is something I havent done in about 2 years... not just for my birthday I mean. I didnt buy much in terms of clothing but I only realised when I was trying on different outfits in the stores just how hard I work and how much I don't do as I am a total mommy devotee lol! It was really really nice just being able to treat myself, and to add to the satisfaction I was able to buy a really nice outfit for last nights planned meal and boogy night out :) Before that though, I planned to have a birthday date with my little boy which I took the Friday to do, being as for the past 2 weeks he has insisted every day that it was my birthday (lol) and I figured he would really find it special if we had a day doing something fun together to celebrate it. And to prove my theory he thought he was the one treating me despite the fact that I was paying for everything lol!!! We went to Thomas Land and I let go and unleashed my inner child for the day. We had a blast! And now that my little boy is a lot bigger than the last time we visted, it meant that we were able to go on the "big toddler" rides which I think has now turned him into a thrill seeker LOL. He had us both go on the Troublesome Trucks Rollercoaster so many times bless him, each time with his arms up in the air before we'd even start moving LOL. Hey I didn't mind... it was a pretty cool ride! Being as it was his first fast roller coaster (for a toddler ride i was amazed at the speed!) I bought a couple of pictures of us looking jolly, one in a card frame and another as a fridge magnet which he is in love with and has it proudly sitting next to his favourite magnets in our kitchen :) It was a wonderful day!

And yesterday for my actual birthday I had a lovely relaxing morning at home being given flowers and chocolates in bed by my little boy, having a lovely long bath after doing a bit of work and then took my time pampering myself ready for the evening. My partner had organised a secret meal at a new restaurant buffet in town which was awesome, Then after we hit the party scene in town and hopped around a few bars and had a little boogy too. It was great fun. That's something else I haven't done in two years so it was REALLY nice to be able to get out with some of my best friends and enjoy a wonderful evening! I wish I coulda put some photos up in this post but I can't find the cable for this ancient camera that I took out (there was no way I'd take my DSLR). I am glad I am in one piece today actually, my friends had been joking for a while that they planned to make sure it was a night I wouldn't forget being as I haven't gone out in so long LOL! I paced myself pretty well I think and awoke today just a little tired, but with very happy children smiling at me :)

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


X said...

Hey, we share a birthday! Happy belated birthday to you.
I'm following from Monday's blog hops. Check out my blog at

Have a great monday!

Unknown said...

Hi there!
I'm your newest follower. Stop by sometime...I'm new! Happy Monday!

Beth said...

Thanks for joining us on Surfin' Saturdays and taking the time to leave a comment...sorry it's taken me so long to stop by and say hi! Love "breakfast" in bed from my boys too!

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