Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fresh Green


No.28 ...With the summer having come to an end, here are some fresh greens as a reminder of the seasons beauty! These are some of my favourite handmade items, from the kind Etsians that have featured my work in the past week for both my photography store and my baby knits store.

My favorite treasury! 'Forever Green' by 'gemheaven'


Etsy Seller - Gemheaven Handmade Organic Silver Jewelry
Treasury East - Forever Green

Etsy seller - chicgiftsbysass Handmade Baby Diaper Cakes And More
Treasury East - Bicycle Built for ME AND YOU

Item - Potion Bottle Labels - Set II
Etsy Seller - DeadSpider DeadSpider's Shoppe of Curiosities and Dark Art
Treasury East - Along came a spider...

Item - Fall apples. 5x5 fine art photograph
Etsy seller - felicitycrew Fine Art Photography
Treasury East - Let's go find some acorns!

Item - Coaster Set of Four in Green Waves
Etsy seller - BabyNest Woven Items
Treasury East - A Ladies Treasury

Item - Moonlight Bracelet with magnet clasp
Etsy Seller - AuclairBlueSquare Jewelry
Treasury East - RED WOLF

Item - Black Cat
Etsy seller - Cinnamonsweeties Cute Accessories
Treasury East - Long Ears, Fuzzy Tail.

Etsy buyer - BetweenMeAndYou
Treasury - Did you hear??

Item - Leg warmers with FEET by Jacquelynnies Thin Green and Black Stripes
Etsy seller - kmkc78 Cute Baby Accessories
Treasury - Warm, fuzzy feeling.

Etsy buyer - Athenary
Treasury - Gnomeward Bound

Item - Give Peace a Chance
Etsy seller - claycass Jewelry
Blog Feature - Ardna's Sac Blog

Item - Blue Green Foiled Glass Bead Bracelet - Fantastic Foil
Etsy seller - Mysticwynd Jewelry
Blog Feature - Mystic Wynd Blog

Thanks again for the features everyone :)

moonangelnay x


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great green finds! I love that apple of my eye diaper cake. What an adorable gift!!!!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

i love green ,,, and i love to see the green apple here my daughter's and i favorite =)

belinda marshall said...

beautiful green finds :)

Love + Cake said...

Great features! I especially love the leg warmers! I'm so sad to see summer go...but I'm excited for the holiday season!

April said...

I love legwarmers... yay!

Aren't legwarmers with feet just really tall socks? hrmm... cute either way

M.M.E. said...

Gorgeous greens! I wish summer weren't coming to an end!

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