Sunday, 22 August 2010

What's Different?

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What's different? From the dawn of my blog donkeys years ago, I have been trying to find the formula that makes it seem right and connected to me. And I am still looking as with all web pages they also need to be right for the internet and the search engines. This week I did another layout change which I found a bit frightening because I didn't know how it would effect my current readership, which in terms of feed subscriber count is nearing to 600 now, on top of my already 650 odd follower count! (Thanks so much everyone!) I initially thought a change of color scheme was in order but I reckon a huge change like that could have alienated my followers as a lot of people are used to my darker layout. To be honest, excuses aside it's me that will be alienated by it lol! I think in time I will change the colors, but I'm trying to wean myself out of my comfort zone, and weaning is all I can comfortably muster lol! For now, I have included a recent posts list in my right hand navigation which to me is a million times better than my post archive (although I have kept it), as it gives more opportunities for my readers to check out my past posts, and in turn will be better for the artists I feature when it comes to more exposure. I have also changed the look of my Friday Finds interview which for those of you who know the format I used to use, will have noticed that it now resembles my Wednesday gratitude posts with larger-centered images. I think it's the best change I've ever made on the blog, as you will have noticed with my last post it looks a lot clearer now with the items featured being easier to see. The biggest success to come out of it is lissionetsy made a sale from the feature so I am really chuffed that my new layout worked for her fabulous interview and business!

Another difference recently has been my ability to function lol! It's getting a bit easier now that my daughter is in her fourth month. She is a lot more alert now, and is really smitten with her big brother, so there are more moments in the day of them interacting with eachother and less of me or my partner fretting over our son flattening her like a pancake. We purchased one of those awesome "Bumbo" chairs and that has been a a lifesaver for our sanity. No longer is her world full of ceilings and passing giants, but now the world surrounds her and she loves it! she can now watch my son play and he can play with her without the temptation to lie on top of her for cuddles lol! And importantly she can see where I am at all times which right now in her "seperation anxiety" phase (already yes I know) is seeming to make her feel a lot more comfortable. So now that I'm back in normality I have found more time to do things like housework, schooling my son and working on bits and bobs for my craft show at the end of the year.

I have made a start on making bottle cap pendants which are so frikkin cool, I am going to get a bunch up in my shop soon! I thought I'd include a picture as a sneak preview of what I hope to post on there soon (the image is of my print "Angels Glow"). I have also made a start on officially planning the start of my job venture in family portraiture. I will partake in a training seminar with multiple award winning UK photographer Mark Cleghorn on this subject infact which I'm very excited about! Onwards and upwards! :D And then there is Babamoon. I am just so happy that I have the time to knit and crochet with purpose now! I have found it relaxing just being able to do it in my free time, but so far it has been to make multiple things for my own children which as you can imagine has piled up over time! So now that I have my store of baby knits I can really apply myself to it and can be more productive about my outlook with each creation. I have also decided to use my shop accessories and props in my new business venture when it's up and running so I will have more images in my shop. But that may not happen until the end of the year. All in all there are big things going on and hopefully soon I will find contentment in earning a regular income, have a registered business, and be self employed on the days my partner isn't at work.

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


The Fitness Diva said...

It looks the same to me! But then again, I am not always the most observant on some things... ;)

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