Sunday, 29 August 2010

Positive Steps

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Positive Steps It has been lovely this week to see Babamoon on Etsy take off with it's first 3 sales! 2 of them were back to back aswell, with the one listing only been put up hours before! I'm really glad for the signs of progression already as it took a LOT longer for me to make my first sales in my photography store, and to be honest I have faith that Babamoon may over take it quite quickly as the demand is probably higher for baby knits over wall art. I am not thinking negatively about that when it comes to my digital artwork as I seem to have progression there in other ways. Like my shop hearts, web presense, style, and of course my blog. So that for me is an incentive to keep it running along in the foreground alongside my other store.

One thing I am now gearing myself up for is a training course with Top UK photographer Mark Cleghorn soon, on the topic of family portraiture which is the career I am hoping to have in the time my partner is at home from work. The course itself is supposed to talk a lot about the business side of things which is what I am hoping for mostly as I am not as savvy with how to conduct the business, insure myself etc yet when it comes to babies I can quite easily and confidently turn into squish mode, and I know my camera plus all the related do dally inside out. It'll be a fabulous opportunity to ask important questions to someone who is ahead of his game, and has countless awards behind him to back him up. VERY excited about it all. As hopefully when I return, my business plan may actually go past the title lol!!! Once I am insured and upgrade some of my older equipment so it's suitable to go mobile, I'll hopefully get things ready before my Craft show in December which is where I am hoping to begin widely advertising it offline. Should be good!

So what's new in store then? Well I have made a new hat in Babamoon... well there are 3 actually but I have only listed one lately which is the Reversible Pumpkin hat! Very cute. And in my photography store I have listed 2 brand new prints which I am very proud of. They are in the mosaic below :)

Recent Altered Photography Posted to Warmth...

That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am your newest follower via the Weekend Blog Hop hosted by Tara.

Please come by anytime you get a moment and visit me too.

Thanks so much,

The Things We Find Inside

Sophie said...

Hey Moonangelnay! Thank you for stopping by the blog and commenting! Glad you liked the Engrish, it cracks me up every time. Never gets old!!

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