Sunday, 8 August 2010


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Nocturnal is what I am right now! At least it kind of feels that way. I have been struggling to sleep for the past 4-5 days due to the other half working nights and myself having both day AND night duty with the kids. It hasn't been too bad with the baby, because at least I am pretty much used to waking up for night feeds/cuddles/playtime as that's what babies do. But my son, who normally would sleep through has decided to be Mr. Naughty and challenge my decreasing ability to function by jumping all over the bed in the wee hours of the morning and generally playing up. So as you can imagine the lack of sleep has doubled or has virtually been total the last few days. Can't say I'm too impressed, but at least my ability in the day time to do all my usual duties hasn't flagged. So in all this extra awake time I have been working on new photos, my new store (which is now live! Please click on the photos to visit the listings), knitting the little monkey some puppets as Christmas presents, and making new patterns for BabaMoon items too.

It has been nice being able to find the time to knit casually for a while. Even though some of it has been work related, it has certainly felt less like work this week than it has done for a while lol! It's amazing the random things you appreciate when you have kids and they begrudgingly give you 5 minutes and no more to yourself lol! Like even my weekly grocery shopping trips to my local Sainsburys is absolute heaven because I make sure I go on my own, and take full advantage of on the way AND the biggest Hobbycraft store I have ever seen on route. ^_^ It's only an hour or two. And it's just shopping for food... and maybe the odd skein of yarn! But in terms of free time, that's what I get and it's wonderful LOL! But you know, in my frazzled brain today as much as I could probably do with an entire day just relaxing, getting my back sorted at a chiropractors (note to self: don't do head stands with toddlers until WAY after giving birth), and maybe even visiting a spa or something which I have always wanted to do, I absolutely love my life and my kids. They are a joy and I feel privilaged to have them :)

Speaking of joy, my daughter is now over 2 months old (time flies!) and really starting to show her personality now. And my goodness she smiles a lot! I remember my boy being very happy and smiley as a baby but she is just a little angel! She seems on top of the world all the time, even through my son's wonderous tantrums! Even I can't top that LOL! I find it so special, and try my hardest to encourage it by always playing and chatting with her when she flashes a gummy grin. Even if she's in discomfort she'll just smile through it all. It's really nice to think that through all the terrible 3's behaviour with my son that she obviously feels content and very much loved. We are spending a lot of time right now trying to calm Mr. down as he's just at that AGE which everyone seems to cower at when we tell them how old he is LOL. I'm glad that she must feel that she's getting a fair share of attention as I do devote so much time to them both, yet when the day passes you by you wonder where the time goes and question if you do manage to achieve as much as you'd like to. So for this I'm glad :) It's nice to think you're making someone happy :)

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


SarahBeth said...

I like your new shop -- and you certainly have the perfect model! She's so adorable. And don't worry, the "terrible threes" soon turn into the "fabulous fours" ;)

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