Sunday, 4 July 2010

Trying to Start on a High Note

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Hmmm... I have to say this week overall has been wonderful. Starting from my son's birthday party over the weekend, up until enjoying the blazing sun under a shaded tree in my most favourite town in my city for our first annual Jazz Festival. The party was beyond successful! I couldn't have asked for a better day, and my little boy had so much fun with his friends. I was really glad it worked out. We decided to host it in the garden and bought a 2 section paddling pool to help cool the kids off and to lose them in the ball pit section, and also got him a sand pit which for a while I thought was a mistake due to our very sandy house afterwards lol! But it was worth it, we were all so happy in the end, and surprisingly the cascades of mess didnt take too long to clear up. The next day we surprised our son by taking him to the theatre to see The Wiggles live! I don't know who enjoyed it more, the parents or the kids LOL!!! Looking along the Grand Circle all the moms and dads were getting well into all the grooving and the singing! Glad we weren't the only unfortuntately Wiggle obsessed there LOL! But what made that for my boy was Red Wiggle Murray. He came up to the Grand Circle to collect Roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur, came right up by us and gave the little man a smile and a wave. That made his day, suddenly poor Jeff the purple Wiggle was no longer his favourite and Murray had taken over lol!
The next day, my boy's actual birthday we went to visit the Safari Park and saw loads of big wild animals including White Tigers which was very special. Yukio even got to feed some... not the tigers mind you lol! That 4 mile Safari Drive ended with a nice run around their small theme park. Sunshine, Ice Cream and Rides... it was lovely!

Yesterday was the first day of the annual Jazz Festival in my home town and I was really excited about it because I have been attending the Folk Festival for the past 5 years and it was being organised by the same faction. And it started off beautifully. This is after my computer crashed in the morning... yeah I know I couldn't believe it! I'm on my partners now... luckily my work is backed up!
Myself, my boy and my baby daughter basked under a big old tree amoungst other jazz fans having a picnic and listening to wonderful music by well known artists, and looking forward to the Sun Ra Arkestra as a headline at the end. But then we met... the woman... I'd be polite about her but after what I thought was a budding new friendship forming turned out to be a pretty traumatic event for me.

I don't like to drink alcohol when I'm with my kids to any extreme so I may have one glass of something and make do with that, yet this lady along with her father was drinking and drinking whilst also somehow looking after her 2 year old son. I didn't make a comment as initially she seemed like she was handling herself and her son ok. I was happy to let the little boy play on our blanket as he was fascinated by my son, our coloring book and crayons and our grapes lol! and she was obviously enjoying herself in her own way whilst still being reasonable attentive to her son also.

I thought it was all going well until my friend went to go back home for a short while, when she turned on me when I started singing my little girl a lullaby. She had already slept this entire time, woke for a feed and a change and I was just settling her, which was pretty much the first time all day that i had the chance to capture her attention and talk to her considering my other half helped in the morning keeping her happy whilst I got myself and Yukio ready.
Yukio was exhausted around this time and his thing to do when he's tired is to go a bit hyper so he was spinning around next to me whilst I was settling my daughter... no big deal I know what he's like lol! But this lady said "oh... your son... he's trying to get your attention". I politely tried to say to her that he was tired and that was normal for him to jump around a bit when she said " NO, you're not giving him enough attention. You're talking to the baby and you're not talking to him, you're ignoring him and he's desperate to talk to you..." which was absolutely absurd, what planet was she on! I got angry at this point because whenever I tried to talk she cut me off, and she totally missed that I was trying to settle my girl and the fact my son wasn't even TRYING to get my attention at all... surely I know my own boy. Well apparently not! Because she insisted that she knew what she was saying even though she didnt have any other kids, was over protective of her own boy and was an "older mom"... All her own words. She then gave me the most patronising non-apology when she realised that she'd not even looked at what was going on but still wouldn't let me speak! so I ended up calmly but firmly letting her know what I thought about her ignorance. Yet still she tried to justify it which to me made her apology seem like she was only saying it for the sake of knowing she'd said it. Not because she wanted to fix the fact that she'd pretty said I was a bad mom for singing to my daughter for a few minutes and not talking to my little boy in that time. This is after I spent HOURS playing with both him and HER son whilst my girl slept! The nerve of her. Yes I'm sure copious amounts of alcohol on her part had something to do with it, but I had never been more insulted in my life. It hurt big time and when I was able to go home 5 hours later, I was in bits with my poor partner trying to pick up the pieces. She knew she had done wrong as she came back to me after a while again with non-apologies and again without letting me speak. That said it all... she didn't want me to condone her behaviour, she had embarrassed herself and didnt want me to let her know of her mistake to the full extent she knew she had gone. Well I am going to the last day of the festival today and I'm certainly not letting her spoil it for me again! Onwards and upwards I say.

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


Jessica said...

Sorry you had to deal with that woman! Once people have a few drinks in them they feel like they can say anything. :/

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