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#Amemoryyoucantforget is currently a trending topic on Twitter and has left me inspired for this post. Especially as my entire week so far has literally been spent collecting memories of my children on my DSLR. I can be quite crazy when it comes to my camera. We are permanently glued at the eye/eye piece? Lol! I love my camera yet until now I've only just noticed that for a change I have recently been a lot more purposeful with my kiddy photograph taking. I think it's because of my son who is the equivalent of Hammy the squirrel on soda. He just doesn't keep still for even a fraction of a second, so I end up taking as many photos as I can in the space of minutes just to achieve at least one good picture lol! It's bizarre as I take so much care with my nature photography, even when the winds blowing I will have the patience of a true artist and will remain for as long as i can. I do take many images even then to be honest. I think a lot of photographers do as it's always good to be able to find the images you want in a selection. You never know when what you think is the perfect picture, has actually been bettered by the one taken afterwards. I don't know, maybe I'm more concious of it with my kids as it does seem like much harder work photographing moving targets! Lol! Yet... this week I've been able to achieve more with purpose and less work! Hurrah!

Photographing my daughter for me has been special for obvious reasons, but it's also been of a challenge to try and take a step backward to think about the photo's from a business point of view. I want to get myself out there by the end of the year taking portraits as a business, and although I know I can capture good photo's and work well in post production I have never actually tried to work on a planned out schedule. If I were to go into people's homes I would have to consider that a: their kids are THEIR kids and not mine. I will need the patience of a saint to make a successful shoot in a short space of time. b: TIME! I will have 2 hours at most for a baby to try and work something successful so I need to be certain of how to manage that time as I go along, taking into account that babies are unpredicatable and will more than likely need to be handled frequently by the parents for soothing! Then c: the business plan outside of the shoot, besides getting paid for my time, I will need to look at prices for prints, images on disk, web slideshows etc. OK one more d: legalities... ie: insurance etc... the biggest gripe for me at the mo!

This stuff is forever on my mind so one of the days this week I tried (with my son jumping on my back... fun...) to treat the situation with a shoot for my daughter from this perspective. Concentrating on the first two concerns primarily I tried to treat the situation objectively and professionally which suprisingly lead my kids to behaving wonderfully for me. Maybe it was confidence in asserting myself as a business person/loving mother that did it, but it's the best they've behaved for me whilst capturing shots which allowed me to assess my environment a lot better and take better pictures. Not only that but this has worked wonders for my post production of this weeks selection of images and my first batch a couple of months ago. Being clearer in my head has allowed me to look at my images more closely and therefore produce better edited images. Great stuff if you ask me! Of course it'll be handy in the long run working with strangers, which was the whole point of me giving a bit of role play a go! So in all of that I have captured the sweetest pictures of my daughter ever, and in the process have beautiful memories to cherish forever that will help me with my business. Hopefully for her in the future it will show that mommy loves her very much and that we both had a wonderful time gathering beautiful moments to always remember. I think I have finally managed to set myself the groundwork for my portrait buisness as I think this is exactly what all moms will want to achieve out of their childrens photoshoots.

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


belinda marshall said...

these photos are just gorgeous!
interesting to think about what's involved with taking portraits for others. fingers crossed for you :)

Sassy Style Cards said...

Wow I am very jealous of your photos, they are amazing.

Kathryn Dyche said...

What a beautiful daughter you have and I'm sure she'll come to treasure those photos as she gets older. Good luck with your portrait business, sounds a little scary but exctiting.

Brigita said...

Amazing photos!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. :-)

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