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Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Crash! Anyone that read about my dilemma at my local jazz festival last Sunday with the egocentric mom issues may also know that on that morning my computer crashed. Not to mention that my new computer tower got peed on by the dog whilst I was out having the worst day in my parental life lol!!! I laugh now, but my goodness after already returning home feeling like a complete failure as a mom (that drunken woman got to me that bad), that really did top it off... it is hilarious though what the universe throws at you when you have a purpose in mind! I had actually gone to that festival with a positive purpose. I felt terrible in my third trimester that all the wonderful things my little boy looked forward to on our daily day trips out to places stopped without warning for him. It was just so difficult to manouver as I had BAD oedema and then driving was impossible due to the fact my co-ordination had worsened and the fact my stomach got in the way of steering! Poor munchkin was ever so patient though to be fair. He did protest on the odd occassion but not half as much as he could have.

So I promised him we'd have a special few days together doing something we both enjoyed with the baby when she arrived... that was the festival! You can only imagine what went through my head when the day I was supposed to be making up things to my boy for the third trimester delays, that everything went inexplicably wrong all at once from the wee hours to the wee hours! Unbelievable... Yet even though all went so much better on the Sunday (sat FARRRR away from the crazy lady) with us having the BEST time (making us for it all), Monday arrived and I still had a broken PC... and a peed on new hardisk too!.
So much of my week had been spent trying to fix the bloomin thing. IF Norton 360 (bad bad BAD program... never use the disk cleanup on it that was the start of it all!) hadn't wiped important registry keys from my PC that my lovable CCleaner religiously avoided as they were IMPORTANT SYMANTEC *take note!*, then my PC never would have crashed billions of times a day to blue screen, to then take its final fall to the dreaded black screen telling me i needed to repair windows. Now that's doable in a normal non-Norton-wiped registry keys PC... but Norton managed to wreck my dvd drive in the process. I had already tried everything to make it work and only managed to get it to play DVDs again. It just refused to play CD Roms. Without the ability to play CD Roms, you know what that meant. Couldn't use the boot disk even when I took desperate measures trying to "will" the thing to take it. So I spent the day formatting and creating boot floppys. Took an entire day to do that, then another 2 days to try all of the methods suggested around to make them work... did they??? no... so i may as well bin the computer in short. I have my photography backed up at least, as well as sentimental things but there was a lot lost. I'm over it now, mostly as i am still able to get on with things on my partners PC. Plus, it's so much better lol! So at least good came out of it in the end, although I could have done without the trauma of that Saturday lol!!!

On the more brighter side, some leaflets came through for me to distribute for my first craft show in december! I can't wait! It'll be amazing doing everything in person. So I can properly start thinking about inventory and how I will process the entire 6 hour show :D

In terms of photography I am starting to stock up on 4x6 Inch photos for $10 each! I hope to bring in a deal with that too soon so you can buy multiples in this size for much less. I'll keep you posted on that :D

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


sandy petals said...

I understand how you must have felt. I hope next week is better for you.

RedCatArtBeads said...

indeed, when you're determined to be positive, the universe will do everything in it's power to bring you down...
not that is better to be a pesimist ;-)

Kudos to the little one for cooperating! hope you rewarded him copiously ;-)

Jogels said...

Oh wow I love this

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Love the little one scooping out the cake I could almost taste it myself. Hope you have a good week

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