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Bang! Firstly I want to give a big big BIG thankyou to sellers yourstrulydear and HIPpadBaby whom have this week been extremely patient through my unfortunate computer problems when they have both needed some form of input from me for various things. As you know from yesterday, HIPpadBaby had finally received her blog interview! I was worried it wouldn't happen for a lot longer but I'm glad it was only just a day lost and no more. Then yourstrulydear having received my answers to her own interview questionnaire on Tuesday was left a bit confused when finding my store in vacation mode the same day. I literally had no choice but to abandon Etsy and my blog... well... everything infact because I had destroyed my second computer this month! I say mine, but I mean my partners LOL...

After I had completed yourtrulydear's interview I was enjoying my lunch and break from my sleepy children watching a program on 4oD when BANG... everything just went off. I thought that maybe it had over heated because earlier in the morning my partner and I could smell a slight burning going on, and over heating normally just needs a bit of time to settle down before being able to run again. So I waited for a while and tried switching the computer back on, and of course nothing happened. After freaking out a bit (my daughters new photos had only recently been uploaded eek!), I resigned to the fact that I only had the mobile internet to work with for however long, and had to start contacting people to let them know what had happened.

Luckily for us a work friend of my partner knew some excellent technicians which fixed the computer on Friday at a cost which wasn't as huge as I had imagined and Saturday meant that I could return and pick up where I left off. But what an ordeal! I was mostly frightened of losing my baby girls new pictures as I had JUST started deleting them off of the camera when this happened. Everything else fortunately was backed up. But I'm glad I dont have to start again like I had to when I lost my own PC earlier this month when the effects of the Norton Registry Cleaner wrecked it to the point of no return.

So big thanks again to HIPpadBaby and yourstrulydear for putting up with my troubles!

So what did I do with my free time this week? Well! I honestly had NO idea just how busy I make myself between my kids, the housework AND my alter ego of moonangelnay online. The latter being so much of my persona that without it I actually became aware of both time and space like I had been reborn LOL. Seriously! It was a wake up call. I had NO idea what day of the week it was as my blog normally does the job of informing me, I actually twiddled my thumbs some of the time, and I got to do more housework than ever in any one day. How rubbish am I? lol! In a good way I mean ;) I am one busy bee as some in the handmade community always comment about. And I enjoy being busy as it's just part of my nature, the same way I love feeling like I can be helpful to people. I can quite easily do the amount I do plus have a normal family life without feeling like I'm burning out because there isn't really a need for me to worry about things like partying, lounging around or travelling for example. Having 2 young kids makes those things difficult anyway! So rather than sit around in my free time, I like to devote it to my photography, knitting, painting and the handmade community. Yet despite losing the ability to involve myself with the latter properly for a few days, I found it was nice having a little break from the screen. I didn't get much knitting done as the kids made sure of that lol! And I got to visit my dad in Wales without needing to be paranoid about promoting things yet brought back my son and his new found family of head lice in the process (fun... urgggh). It was the usual kind of crazy stuff to happen when you know you have a bit more time to do things, yet I enjoyed it! The lice are dead, I have managed to start a new project and the PC is back to life. It can only get better! :D

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

A little unplanned downtime is sometimes the most welcome (and needed) Medicine. :)

Additionsstyle said...

Glad it all worked out. Somtime you just have to enjoy that downtime even if its unexpected.

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