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New Plans ... I am still reeling in amusement from something my other half said last night whilst I was feeding my daughter. She had just had the biggest spit up ever all over him and I was having a general squeaky babble with her, questioning why babies had to be so darned cute (broody already!) when he responded with the fact that it's to fool us parents into accepting the vomit, poop and noise... a clever distraction from the heavens LOL... Love his sense of humour!
To be honest all of that, now the second time around isn't bothersome at all... you ACTUALLY get used to poo, vomit and the loveliest of gross cocktails being slathered over you on a daily basis. It's a funny thing, I love seeing one of my closest friends run out of the room whenever it's changing time and the look on his face when I am so calm and collected over cleaning the grime all over my son's face and body LOL. Children really do make you hardcore! ANYWAY... excuse my yuckiness lol! This week (and last too) I've been spending a bit of time looking into form instead of nature photography, and preparing to get myself up and running as a business away from the internet and my known art form. I have been waiting for the right time and always thought it would come in a few more years when my kids are older and my hands are slightly less full of things. But to be honest besides serious cabin fever, I have been ready to get out for a while. My goal is to work in wedding photography in a few years time but for now I want to work with portrait photography. I already have a sweet portfolio in the works which has been filling up nicely since my daughter entered the world.

It was a visit to a friend this week that made me feel encouraged enough to get started on this venture earlier than planned. She and her sister were browsing through my flickr profile via my phone when she started showing off a bunch of sweet pictures from a recent shoot she had with her own kids and said with an err of disappointment in her tone "why aren't YOU doing something like this???". She knows of my intentions in photography as I had offered shoots for her girls before (just never had the chance to do it). I began my long list of excuses as to why it would be more practical to do it later on but then looking on my camera at all the recent shots I had left on there I began to wonder why myself. Nothing is stopping me besides the financial implications, and I would need to register myself, not trying to blow my own trumpet, but knowing that it would definitely give me an income. So since that day I have been making plans!

It'll be good to get out and have some identity as a professional besides as an artist. It's not a certainty for now but the plans are being made and hopefully it won't be long before it all works out! I think the best thing will be knowing that my kids will be able to see a happier and more confident mother in me. I feel that the sooner I start, the sooner I'll be able to realise my dream as being a wedding photographer in the future.

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


Stephanie said...

Adorable!!!! She's a little pea in the pod.

holly said...

haha i know what you mean! before baby, dirty diapers seemed so disgusting, now it's like 'whatever' - except post-prune diapers in which i call my husband into the nursery and make a run for it :)

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