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Carnival ... For those that follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook, you probably caught a glimpse of a short enthusiastic message i wrote about yesterdays local Carnival in my hometown, and my plans to be snap happy with my DSLR ♥ lol! Apart from not going to a small time fairground in DONKEYS years, it was just a brilliant opportunity for me to obtain some new fabulous vibrant photography for my portfolio. On Etsy I mostly focus on nature, very slowly bringing in form (like my print LUST), and I hope to expand the inventory to include other subjects like architechture and more fun time photography to showcase everything else that I work on away from Etsy (there is a lot...). I hope to someday have local listings to offer my portrait photography to UK families in the West Midlands in and surrounding Birmingham as it is now a service I am working on registering as an official part time business that takes me out of my home and working with people. That is still in the works but I am hopeful like I've said in a previous post that I want to be doing that regularly by the end of this year once I am registered and insured.

So the carnival! Well, we started the day having a bit of a disappointing (although not entirely unrewarding) morning driving out to another town to take our son to his drama group and finding that it wasn't on despite it being on the group timetable, but then visited the nearby traditional sweet shop to drown our sorrows ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ before taking ourselves back home for a bite to eat. When it came to the afternoon we made our way out to the carnival which my son was really excited about, having had rides on the odd kiddy carousel that we've spotted in past shopping centre visits. So the prospect of trying out a variety of new rides that were bigger and faster induced in him the likeness of a sugar rush! For me I had my tripod at the ready and my DSLR in hand ready to shoot at will LOL! But... for me when we arrived I was a little disappointed to discover that some of the more traditional rides in the advert imagery weren't there like the ferris wheel and chair swings :( It was very modernised actually, so my snap happy venture ended up being channelled into being a pap for my son whilst he enjoyed the rides. I did capture a few interesting shots, but I'll have to go out of my way I think to get the more traditional shots I hoped for some other time and look for older fairground rides. It's a shame as their have been so many fairgrounds in my hometown already but I have avoided them all photography wise for the fact they are chocka with modern rides. Until next time I suppose! In the meantime I should have 2 or 3 new non-nature prints pop up in my store soonish once I have gone through some post production.

My son obviously had the time of his life! His face when he went on the toddler friendly rollercoaster on his own was wonderful! And his delightful laughter and foot stamping when whizzing along with me on the bigger roller coaster was so sweet! He even braved the ghost train with daddy whilst myself and his sister looked on! Before we were ready to leave he bumped into his little friend (I call his girlfriend lol) and had some fun on an inflatable slide before snoozing all the way back in the car when we managed to convince him to come home LOL. It was a lovely day in the end! :)

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That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

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