Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Final Countdown

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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HandmadeSpark NEW TUTORIAL POST... It's up! I have updated on here, Facebook, Twitter and in the Etsy Forums also!

My article on Handmade Spark is now up!

Finding your spark : Product Photography - Easy Post Production : Contrast Adjustment

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NON-WORK RAMBLE ... I am but 6 days away from my baby's due date and feeling more impatient than ever... especially with the knowledge that the due date is not the end, and there's the wonderful "overdue" 2 week window to look forward to if we pass the EDD.
It's been an odd couple of weeks experiencing plenty of braxton hicks contractions, and yesterday I was almost convinced something was happening! Seems our little girl is as cheeky and tricksy as our son... oooo the fun we are going to have when they team up together! LOL I'm looking forward to it though. I am bored of sitting on my butt resembling a life sized weeble and could do with the ability to use my legs properly being as my lovely partner, having a lot of days off recently from his job has managed to do all of my usual task of shipping our son around to all of his toddler groups (jealous ol' me)... Even a bunch of new ones, whilst I'm sitting at home crocheting like there's no tomorrow to pass my rather annoyingly imposed free time! At least I have a billion pairs of baby socks out of it :) But yes... I am bored and need to wallow in some mud or something to let off steam. I could do that now but I wouldn't be able to get back up again!

Recent Photography Posted to

NEW STUFF ... More photography has been popping into my store each day during the week which is as far as it goes for the store itself. My biggest change is with this blog. As you may have noticed it's a "little" tidier, having reduced the size of my banner, created new buttons and links to navigate my articles including my newest Product Photography 101 button, working on a LOT of linking and also made a start on planning to do a blog roll to allow other handmade blogs to link up. It's still a work in progress but with my schedule I did expect it to take some time! I'll get done eventually.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


Casey said...

Love the new blog - the little changes often make a huge difference!!

I hope your approaching labor runs nice and smoothly!!

Anonymous said...

I've just realised how much I like reading about being pregnant. I'm no way ready nor am I broody, but it's quite enjoyable to read! I wonder if I'm still blogging by the time I'm pregnant!

Veelana said...

Soon, you will look back on your nice, quiet and comfortable time when you where pregnant...

I'll check back to read the product photography article :-)
Good luck with the whole birthing buisness, it will all be over soon, and then the adventure really starts!

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