Sunday, 4 April 2010

What a Day!

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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HandmadeSpark NEW TUTORIAL POST... I am in the UK so for me it is currently 01.40am and officially Easter Sunday. Which is why of course I am blogging! Yet my main focus for today (the HandmadeSpark Tutorial) won't be posted until much later!

UPDATE : The title for this week is Finding Your Spark - Product Photography - Lighting. The link is now up!!! So check it out :)

I figured photography besides being my thing on Etsy, would be a handy subject to cover not only for my main readership here, but anyone that may want to know how to best approach photographing their work for their stores in small businesses everywhere. I have broken this tutorial down into a short series so each Sunday I will bring a new area of product photography into discussion. Today's focus of course is the biggest common issue I find on Etsy:- the problem of lighting! So I hope that when Tim posts this on Handmade Spark later on, many of you will find something useful out of it :) Best of luck photographing your work!

For those of you that missed my article last Sunday here it is again... Hoping to help you find drive and peace with your business venture :) "Finding Your Spark - A Little Encouragement"

Recent Photography Posted to

Happy Happy... I have a new word, and I have no idea where I have picked it up from... but have found myself saying it over and over again today, the more crazy stuff has been going on. 'Crikey' is now part of my vocabulary... I would really like to understand where that has come from, and trying to not get into the old "psychology" mindset of how we conform as an explaination, being as I don't know a soul that uses the word LOL! I think I may have just said it one day randomly and it has just stuck with me. Could be worse, I have caused many frequent randomness to fall out of my mouth in this way over the years which probably aren't as audience friendly lol!

Anyway!!! CRIKEY! isn't even the word I want to use, which is probably why it has been over-used today.
I have had the most incredible day for acknowledgement on Etsy, and although I was hoping to save most of the details for Wednesday I just have to say that I WAS ON THE FRONT PAGE OF ETSY TODAY! And actually saw it! *cheshire cat grin!* I was just so amazed, having received my first and only Statsy email ever letting me know I was there! And golly doesn't being on the front page do so much for your exposure! I gained like 150 extra views of my homepage alone on top of my site average in the space of an hour! This was after this morning discovering that what I thought was 3 treasury inclusions had turned into 6 treasury inclusions!!!! (which is now back to 3, as 3 of them expired lol). then about half an hour into my wobbly victory dance (need to have this baby so badly lol!) I had such a wonderful feature done for my store from Gilliauna on Etsy. I will be offering a proper return gesture in thanks on Wednesday, but my day was just total awe this afternoon I haven't really been able to contain myself about it. The photo on the Etsy homepage today was included in one of the treasuries which was also up in its entirity on there by WiredWhimsy on Etsy (Thanks so much!). And the one thing I noticed in all of those treasuries were works that I had recently updated into my store. It pays to update daily as you do increase the possibility of appearing in the treasuries which some ultimately end up on the homepage! So I'll be giving out a tonne of mini features on Wednesday as a result of today. I'm looking forward to returning the gestures! Righty, I'd better sleep now and brace myself for a bouncy chocolate fuelled toddler in the morning... wish me luck LOL!

Happy Easter!

moonangelnay x


Jennifer said...

WoW!! Congrats!!!! I have had a day of two like that but on a smaller scale. It seems like nothing happens, on the web, for days and than BAM you get featured in a lot of treasuries or you get a lot of new followers on your blog!!! Congrats again and happy Easter. :)

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