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HandmadeSpark NEW TUTORIAL POST... Last week I delayed a post that I know a lot of you happened to be waiting for, only for the reason that I thought I maybe should have focused on the one i wrote previously a lot earlier, as it kind of went hand in hand with the very first photography post I wrote for Handmade Spark (The Lighting post followed by the Camera post)

So the good news is that I have submitted to Tim a short tutorial on "How to make a Lightbox". The bad news is that I have no idea if it's going up today as I havent had a confirmation yet! I normally see my posts appear around lunch time for me in the UK so if it does go up today I will definitely link up to it and leave a trail of notices on twitter, my facebook and the forums on Etsy!

My article on Handmade Spark is now up!

Finding your spark : Product Photography - Making a Lightbox

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RAMBLE ... I am on countdown now until my baby girl is born into our crazy little world! I know I said on Wednesday but I must warn everyone again that there is every possibility depending on how it all goes, that I may have to have a short break from my blog. It would obviously happen without warning, but would literally be only until we have a routine settled at home which for me probably wouldn't take very long! But it may not happen that dramatically at all! Like with my son, when he was born I was amazed at how good a baby he was and little changed in the first few months that made it impossible for me to get on with normal tasks. Maybe I'll be that lucky again! I'm one of those hippy mums that wears their kids at all times in a sling, and runs around like a mad lady everyday doing way too many things so life certainly won't be stopping unless I end up having a c-section (please God no!)... my worst case scenario for sure. So yes, in advance I officially have 4 weeks left but she could come anytime... If i disappear you'll know why! But it may be ok so we'll see what happens :)

Recent Photography Posted to

NEW STUFF ... I am in the process of applying for my first craft show, so I have been busy as you know preparing my new glass tile photo pendants in line for that. I won't know for a while yet if my application is successful, but fingers crossed that I get a stall! It'll be for December so I am SOOOOOO wanting that spot. It's something where I find Etsy a great platform for making people aware of my store around the world, but in the UK I am still much of a newbie and NEED to establish a presence here. I was offered to do 3 craft shows last year and couldn't do any of them! So this is a big step for me. Having a bit of money saved to hopefully bring home something substantial. If I can establish myself as an artist and photographer here it really would be a dream come true as I want to spend my life being known as a mother and artist, having the ability to work freelance and like everyone's dream, obtain an income from doing what I love!

Nothing new really in my Etsy shop itself other than renewed listings and more glass tiles, But I have being trying to SEO my shop AGAIN for the millionth time after finding out that my Google Page ranking had changed to N/A, which has something to do with all the big changes Etsy made in December last year apparently. It's happened to most Etsy users. I dont know if it'll change but if it does I want my shop home to be prepared so I've shortened my welcome description, been more descriptive in the shop catagories, and I'm looking to the listings now. Lots to do *grumble*. It'll be worth it though!

That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


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