Sunday, 25 April 2010

Good Golly

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HandmadeSpark NEW TUTORIAL POST... I'm glad to be writing a blog post after my Handmade Spark article has appeared on the HandmadeSpark site today. I'm used to them appearing on Sunday afternoons, but it's nice and early so thanks Tim!
I have a planned de-stress, do nowt at all day today... She says. Whether this will materialize or not depends entirely on whether my little boy doesn't impersonate the ol' Loony Toon Tazmanian Devil, and my efforts to spring into active labor actually works LOL Yes... I will be relaxed when that is established... at least for the first few seconds, but it's the period of chill time AFTER that I seek :)

My article on Handmade Spark is now up!

Finding your spark : Product Photography - Photo Compostition

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NON-WORK RAMBLE ... So... no change from last week *sigh*. Still waiting for my squidgy little girl to hurry up out of her dwelling in my tummy. I'm hoping we won't have to force eviction on her like we had to with our little boy at 42 weeks (I don't even want to THINK about that time frame... ooooo stubborn wasn't the word LOL), and even though I am 37 weeks now so far she has been indictating that she may be considering the idea of "the outside world".

I'm just going with it *bounces on the pilates ball*! You know, obviously it'll be good for her to be in there for as long as possible, but the early labor signs have been showing for a few days and I could quite HAPPILY go into active labor if it is meant to be!

We are all suffering for my pregnancy at the mo; the other half having to juggle his job AND the house duties that I am unable to do (reluctantly unable to do... the lack of control is killing me), my son is too young to understand why mommy can't drive him to his weekly groups, take him to parks and is rendered tortoise-like if she is ever left on her back. And me... well I can get on with all this online stuff easily as thank goodness my fingers aren't pregnant, but not being able to stand for more than a few minutes at a time, the slow pace of the housework getting done, and the PAIN is quite the downer!
I had pelvic problems when having my son, so badly that i had to see a chiropractor 4 times a week for 3 months! So far I have battled through avoiding that position in this pregnancy but I am feeling the effects of what remains of my poor bones, although at least I am managing them better. So what may be normally difficult for a woman in her Third Trimester, I am unfortunately unable to do slightly less. And it's doing my nut in so... hurry up baby! I need to be active again! :)

Recent Photography Posted to
Hungry Caterpillar 5x7 Inch Archival Print. Green, grey and brown. Munching and crunching all in sight, in crystal dew of the morning lightNot All Black and White 5x7 Inch Archival Print. Black and white with hints of blue and pink. Lobelia flowers through night and day, show their true colors in their own special wayPansy Spray 5x7 Inch Archival Print.  Black and white, with hints of pink and rainbow colours. Light bursts forth from a promising bloom
Vintage Rose 8x8 Inch Archival Print. Brown and Pink. Old and failing is expected yet beauty within is forever setPaw Prints 8x8 Inch Archival Print.  Mottled navy blue and rainbow. To take up a challenge in your day, it's a walk in the park that they always sayCoco Pink 8x12 Inch Archival Print. Brown and Pink. Candy Chocolate little Star, Even the plainest of things stand out from afar

NEW STUFF ... I am chuffed to bits to have worked on lots of new prints which have been making their appearence recently in my store! You can catch them in the photos above and of course click them to have a larger look on the actual listings :)
Everything else that is new consists mostly of researching this sodding Page Rank polava, as well as planning a new look for the blog. Nothing radical, but I would like to tidy up the side bar, make it easier for people to subscribe to my feed and to arrange my posts in a way that the page loads faster. I may change it so the posts are partial with a "read more" link, as it'll mean less images on the homepage that slow your PC's down, and introduce static pages devoted to each section of the blog... as well as bringing in 3 more catagories that should have been done a million years ago (tuesdays and wednesdays are being neglected!). Any opinions are welcome!

That's it for now. Have a great weekend all!

moonangelnay x


Unknown said...

Will checl out your tips on photograghs, you can never have enought tips!! Kx

Kawartha Beads said...

Great photography tips (as always!) I completely understand about the wish to relax and then the "toddler schedule" the two just don't seem to go together! It always seems like the end of pregnancy takes the longest doesn't it? I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

Som's Studio said...

Awesome tips! Thank you!

Babamoon said...

thanks everyone! i do hope they're helpful :)

Polkadotmagpie said...

Great tips...thanks so much.
Your work is soooo beautiful.

artsyclay said...

Love your Spark articles - very helpful!

Kathryn Dyche said...

Great article in the Handmade Spark, really useful tips. Hope your little girl decides to join the real world soon, in the meantime take care of yourself.

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