Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Black and White


No.8!!! I'm writing a little later on a Wednesday morning today as normally I write my posts after midnight funnilty enough, to save me time as I'm a full time the following day (due to mum duties!). But last night I was quite surprised to have had a quiet week! It's been weird as I would have considered it my most active week for listing on Etsy being as I have been trying to list at different times in the day just to see what would happen to my shop traffic. So I got an early night last night :D Still exhausted this morning though lol!

TREASURIES Looking in my inbox this morning I had an email from Floridacoqui on Etsy letting me know that my print "Fancy a Cuppa?" made it into a stunning black and white treasury! It's a wonderful collection and everything blends together so well, I hope for everyone's sake and for Floridacoqui that it makes the front page because WOW it is totally worthy! Come and visit to see for yourself! So thankyou very much Floridacoqui for the exposure, I always appreciate the shoutouts I get :) I would give you a link to Floridacoqui's store but this is a first where the seller that I feature HASN'T got a store! It makes the whole gesture on their part even more kind and special as there is a lot to gain from making treasuries, and the time and effort put into them can be quite intense if you want them to do well against all the others. So my thankyou is a BIG one, I'm am really grateful for the time spent making that treasury!

So That's it I think for this week. I hope I havent left anyone out... if I have I'll pop you into next weeks feature :)


Unknown said...

Nice treasury! :-)

Lacey (schoolhousefarm) said...

black & white seems to be a theme this week for me!

Barkingdog said...

Black and white are/is elegant and sophisticated

Sarah said...

Congratulations on being included in the treasury, it's lovely, and your print is a wonderful addition to the collection!

Helen said...

Yah on you getting a treasury! That is one of my dreams...getting on a treasury...actually I have been on someone's treasury. Now I want to be on the front page. LOL A girl can dream.

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