Sunday, 21 March 2010

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Strength... This has been a bit of a week for me, especially in my store where I have begun to try and make a listing for everything that already exists in there in terms of size/type, and also the introduction of my new gift certificates.
I am pretty good at keeping things in check now when I'm doing my Etsy duties, and I guess my blog duties too (still fine tuning the timing on that one... the late nights are beyond tiresome lol!). And this week like the past couple I've been challenged with having to balance a loooooooooooong shift with watching my little boy, against this stuff and battling the failure of bodily functions at 32 weeks of pregnancy... Boy is it unfair to be so rubbish at this stage in pregnancy! LOL! I am laughing now, but at the start of the week I was close to creating new bald patches, hiding my emotional stress levels and finding myself getting pretty irate over not being able to do as much as normal. For the health and happy growing of my baby, it's obviously worth slowing down and relaxing. But it's getting hard for factors both within and beyond my control. I dont know what it'll mean for Etsy/Blog stuff near to when I'm ready to have my baby but I am thinking that I'd better get a grip quickly and organise my time better.
This is where the past few days have come into it all. It's been a wonderful time of acknowledgement and kindness as usual when it comes to my Etsy friends, and my loved ones around me. And just being able to give myself a break has been the one thing to make all the difference in my performance with stuff. When you are bogged down for a few weeks it's hard to know how to stop but Thursday was an opportunity for me to do just that, as was today. Thursday was the day I got to waddle around a sea of babies, at my friends little girl's birthday party which was a lot of fun, and today I had the very last of my 4D scans at a lovely clinic in Brentwood outside of London known as 4dBabyImages. Gosh and to think I almost forgot to mention Friday! Friday was a day where I did everything that I intended to do in a day, but somehow managed find time to be BORED in part of the day... I actually had a moment to twiddle my thumbs, it was a miracle lol!!! It helped that my other half was off work and playing trains with my son, but I got things done pretty fast that day regardless of that as I still did my normal duties on top of everything too. The speed must've had something to do with relief of having a laugh the day before. Just goes to show that laughter is a healer in whatever way you may need a boost :D So... to relieve my bordom I played with my camera... I do some weird stuff when I'm bored. Like I say, when you're on a roll... especially one that has been as positive as mine lately on Etsy, it's hard to know how to stop. I reckon that was probably why I almost cracked at the start of the week. I've also spent some wonderful days with my son too just doing the usual a lot of the time, but he's always changing so each day is always meaningful and different even if the routine remains the same. Yet even those were marred by this incredible drive I've had lately to do as much as possible before the baby gets here, and failing to even do a days woth of intended tasks because I lacked a plan of action!
So all in all, I've have been managing time badly and having a couple of days to chill helped me realise that I'm not superwoman and my strength lies within the passion I have for what I do, and not the quantity of what I do in a day. Importantly, that I need time to just laugh to give myself back the strength I have lost through being so busy as without strength I lack focus, and without focus I'm slower than an old biddy.
Everything I have talked about lately has kind of taken over and I've become this epitome of a career lady/dedicated housewife and mother, yet in retrospective I have kind have been fighting a pointless battle with my pregnancy symptoms and made things a lot harder for myself. This is where I feel a plan of action may help out a little, because at least then I can schedule time to chill whereas right now I haven't been! And if anyone out there does this kind of thing, it is so important to give yourself a break now and then even if you feel like the earth will yawn and swallow you whole if you stop for even a second. That's been my lesson this week. Let's all make sure we show ourselves some love and respect from time to time!

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Happy Sunday!

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johnniebelinda said...

It's very hard to balance our lifes, I enjoyed your blog

Raige Creations said...

WOW - those GE Ultrasound scans are amazing! Things have really come a long way since I was trying to see my little ones pre-birth. Thanks for sharing.

Barkingdog said...

i do like your coupons/gift certificates!

Jessica Woody said...

I have nominated you to receive the Sunshine Award! You are graciously rewarded for your generosity and awesome can check out my blog for more details and to receive your award!

Pretty Fun said...

I completely undestand your blog. I am 17 weeks pregnant but in the first few weeks, I was so busy with work, home, etc., after a couple of weeks I realized I didn't take the time and stop to really enjoy and take in that I was pregnant. I was so frustrated with myself. So I have made a point not to let that happen again. It is my first pregnancy and since I am older, may be my only one, so I really need to take time to stop and experience it!

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