Sunday, 7 March 2010

SUNDAY... Coffee and Cake

Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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To Encourage... Goodness, it's been a busy week, and it's been pretty draining. I must be mad as I have pretty much spent all week working until past midnight on ideas/Etsy/the blog... you name it. I know I NEED to chill, especially when I have my son bouncing on the bed at 7am each morning but for some weird reason this week I've just had this compulsion to do more than ever!
I have been asking myself many open questions about where I think my business is going and where I would like it to be, as well as thinking of ways in which I can improve on the current marketing I do for that and also for this blog. And I came to a point of no return where the answers just died away and I was just left with repetition.
I'm a pretty patient person so I haven't yet found that discouraging but I know what I'm like and thinking ahead I didn't really want to think of a future prognosis on that account! Yet without even thinking about it, or even stressing over it, the universe did it's usual thing of trying to grab my attention with something fantastic!
I think the hardest thing for any person when it comes to starting something from home that they hope could earn something on the side, or even become a career is the ACTUAL start of it all. I know of a lot of new Etsy sellers that work hard to do everything they can to get their Etsy stores up and running, and then wonder where all the customers are. We all know that one, it's happened to all of us I'm sure, yet for a lot of people the solution to that problem isn't so obvious, so these people end up giving up before they've tried or end up doing a tremendous amount of things like undercutting themselves, spending more than they need to on perfection, maybe even changing what they want to do entirely because they think something else will work better. And it doesn't need to be so difficult. It's hard to maintain a dream when you feel underwhelmed as much as it would do if you felt overwhelmed. And its normally either extreme that shatters those dreams.
What do we do about it? Well I have been in sales before as a day job so for me I knew that once I started up I needed to market myself which in turn has lead me to trying to help others do the same. But in the meantime I am still wondering where my business lies in this.
Then I heard of a lady in a program I caught up with on the UK's channel 4 website called "Secret Millionaire" and found myself amazed by the fact some millionaires were going around willingly giving tens if not hundreds of thousands away to people they thought could use the financial help most, and would help themselves in the long run. There was one lady in particular that caught my eye called "Gill Fielding" that besides being the most generous of those that I've seen, had a very unique approach to her wealth that I've never seen in anyone EVER. She just didnt seem bothered about how much she gave away. She was obviously very confident with what she had! Or more importantly, she KNEW that she'd get it back with ease. I have never known financial confidence like that and this woman was hardly boasting about it. On the contrary she was someone normal that made something amazing of her life from pennys. Started at the bottom, and from a young age built herself an empire that's made her who she is today, and further to that she helps others find their own financial freedom.
I'm always wary of this whole kind of business person, because there are loads of them out there but I had never seen anyone like her. It was just her approach, and her very laid back confidence. No flashing lights, booming music, crazy rich person breakdancing into a conference room. I was intrigued. So I checked out her site and discovered that a lot of her methods from the start are based around the understanding of the law of attraction which I can identify with in literature, but application is another thing (thank you society and media for allowing us all to believe in our full potential from a young age!!! ahem). I feel encouraged by her attitude and personality. I can't afford to attend any of her talks, but I did download one of her free worksheets which sung ballads to me it really did, and to be fair its more than enough that I guess one would hear from a motivational speaker. But it made something click and that's all that it needs to do. Nothing amazingly special, and I'm not wanting to become a millionaire from Etsy! LOL! But what it did, was make me remember that at the end of the day, I am my own worst enemy and I cannot afford to lose my head just because I am face to face with what seems to be a void. There is no void (there is no spoon! aaaaaah Neo! LOL)! It's what I make of it. And I think we all do that sometimes. We look at ourselves and measure our success on some sort of social-measurable scale, when success is nothing but a mindset and we fail the moment we doubt ourselves. I think our best form of encouragement should come from within. We'll all go places with our dreams, you just need to believe in yourself more and with that belief comes application! Success won't come to you, you need to make it happen people!

Happy Sunday!

moonangelnay x


The Photos said...

Wonderful set!

Kathleen McGiveron said...

Nice blog! Following!!

Bethany Dirksen said...

Love the calming photos you chose. Very good for when you have been working so hard on everything.

As a reader suggestion, I would love it if you broke up your text a little bit more with spaces. The big chunks are difficult to read, especially in the black/white color combo. Thought I would let you know!

Ladybird said...

I like the photos as well.
The law of attraction, if you want to call it that, is certainly something to consider. If you send out positivity and plant good seeds into the universe, then good will come back to you as well. Action steps are required, but we all have the capacity to be millionaires in the future if we do what it takes to change where we are presently.

Anonymous said...

Your photography is beautiful. When I visited your etsy shop, I had to repeat the following several times:
No, Susan, you will NOT buy anymore photographs until you frame ones you have.

So, tempting, though!

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