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Intention... Well after my big revelations of last week I found myself again a bit overwhelmed this week. Tonight particularly I thought I was on a burn out, having had to endure one of my partners longest shifts to date, having a nasty cold and sore throat, doing the Saturday entertainment for my little boy, managing my usual Etsy related stuff and also doing housework whilst lugging myself about like a beached whale for having reached 31 weeks in my pregnancy. Tired isn't the word! But none of what I do is without purpose, which is something that I had to remind myself inwardly whilst having a good old moan to the other half when he got home.

A lot of people think I'm nuts for doing what I do on my blog, whilst sales are slow and doing my usual mom-stuff all at once. But goodness without the drive I have I don't think I would be doing it to be fair. It is a tremendous amount of stuff... I am mad! yet everyday when I wake up, the one thing that doesn't happen that always used to happen back in my working days is dread getting up to go to work.
I wondered after having my son that if I ever found a way to work from home, would I eventually get so hacked off from being tired that I'd self-instill that same feeling of dread? And the answer to that is I really don't dread it at all. I have been running about like a headless chicken (for free) for over a year now and I honestly LOVE it. Helping people, checking out new blogs, new artists, new ART. It's what I was meant to do, to be surrounded by like minded creative people and beautiful manifestations of the best conjured thoughts. I was always very artistic as a child and taking up art to gain my mandatory qualifications at school and college pretty much ruined my desire to ever bother with it all again. 6-7 years from there I found my passion again through digital artwork and photography and Etsy has been like a playground for me. I am honestly in Love with what I do again and no matter how unpromising things may seem in terms of my own benefits from this, I WANT it to be my life and I want it to support me and my family, and the latter WILL happen someday... I cannot believe that it won't. It has become part of my future outlook, and part of that outlook sees it evolving into something more because I want PROGRESSION and I most certainly want SUCCESS!
ENTRECARD... A few days ago I finally delved into another one of those links that always seem to sit angrily in my bookmarks, (for I habitually bookmark and forget things) and that link was to Entrecard. You may have noticed my newest singular adbox floating about on the right of my screen? Well I have to say, this has been the most impressive thing for blogs that I have ever come across. It's purpose is to allow you to surf other entrecard users blogs and drop your "business card" (125 sized ad) into their widget to spread the word about your existance. In turn they can come back to you and drop off their card. You can advertise on any of the blogs by using credits to purchase ad space, which if you spend some time clicking away dropping cards you'll earn EC credits easily without having to spend money on obtaining some. Also you get paid credits if people place ads on your blog. You're probably best checking it out to get more sense out of it, but in terms of results I have now almost 100 visits a day on here. which is double what I was getting 4 days ago. And it's increasing by the day, as I am ranking up in Entrecard I'm guessing that's why my blog is becoming more popular. When I drop cards I am picky about what I visit so I generally try and stay within the most common niches for the blog, and shockingly in return I have had many cards "dropped" on me from the same kind of catagories. This is wonderful because I'm obtaining targeted traffic! How's that for intention! Ask and you shall receive!
LIMBO... But back to earth, my Etsy shop seems to be having a little difficulty in the aftermath of the dress change on the Etsy site and the search bar. I was getting interesting results until that happened which has left me under the impression that my shop as well as many others of you experiencing the same thing may be more vulnerable than I originally realised. Which makes me wonder how I can further optimise and market the site. I have been trying out paid advertising for this to see how it goes. I'm hoping that with some trial and error I can give you all an idea, based on my experiences of how well investing into advertising can go. I'm sure there is a reason for why I am still confronting challanges with the shop, despite how much traffic I do actually get to it but I keep telling myself that there's a bright future for what I love doing and it's worth striving towards for the sake of my dreams and intentions.

Happy Sunday!

moonangelnay x


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work it shows your soft side. I think many wonderful things will happen in your life

Anastasia Rinaldi said...

Love your layout! its so different from any other blogs I've come across :) Lovely!

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