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Sunday - Coffee and Cake
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Sparkle... I am currently battling the urge to sleep and the bloomin clocks going forward on me all at the same time, so bare with me I may just be slightly more incoherant than usual lol! I'm up late after watching a crazy film with my other half called "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry". I probably should have got on with this stuff (hense the lateness) but our together time is precious being as it's all going to change pretty soon with child number 2!

Speaking of change, boy am I excited tomake this announcement today. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the lovely Tim Adam of Handmadeology, also his ever so wonderful blog and more recently the brand new sparkly HandmadeSpark? Well last weekend I thought I'd give applying to be a guest blogger for HS a go being as it seems to be such an ever increasingly respected place to share the beauty of the handmade community. And since I focus heavily on the newbies in this community I figured that if I had a shot it'd be a great thing to help those I already help on here just that little bit more, as well as be able to give more in terms of my skill base in tutorials, or motivational articles. And besides losing me in his spam folder (always the way with me lol!), he seemed pretty happy with my application and I'm now a guest blogger for HandmadeSpark! Ohhhhhh it's just wonderful! I love being able to write, and to help people in this line of things so for me it's just another fab way for me to make my spare time more productive. My first official post will be up later today. I'm not sure when but he did say Sunday so please keep an eye out for "Finding Your Spark - A Little Encouragement" :)

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Quiz... I had this award given to me a few days ago that had an interesting quiz attatched to it. I am officially going to give the PearlatPlay on Etsy credit for awarding the award to me on Wednesday as par my now usual post etiquette, and also to do all the other tasks that stand for retrieving the award! As that post is especially for promoting others, I thought I'd do the quiz that's part of it now, as the other sections are promotion and perfect for Wednesday Gratitude! This will give you all a little bit more about me that you probably don't know at all! lol!

7 Things About Me That You May Not Know:

1. I am still to this day despite being an adult, a bit of a cartoon freak! I especially love Hayao Miyazaki films.
2. I'm not very girly at all, despite the art, knitting and crafts the rest of me is quite boyish lol!
3. I used to be a Senior Self Defence Consultant which was the best job in the world, very sales based but I was good at it... until I got sick and that lasted a year!
4. I have completed Reiki courses, an NLP Practitioners course and even a Dog Grooming course... on top of what i left college with. Blimey!
5. My vast collection of books is probably 99% factual as I'm not really a novel reader!
6. I have like a million self created vegan baking recipes... ok not a million but they're all mine!
7. I can ride a motorbike. Just need to do my DAS test! (babies first...)

Happy Sunday!

moonangelnay x


Unknown said...

your blog is so beautiful, I love all the photos!

TheFrogBag said...

Wow, I couldn't even begin to craft a recipe! Interesting list, nice to know more about you!

Babbidge Patch said...

beautiful blog ~ photos are wonderfully captured!

Sarah Knight said...

lovely photos & interesting personal facts
: )

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