Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Going Strong


No.8!!! Happy Wednesday ladies and gents! Ahhhhh I am in a good mood today. A sleepy one, but hey what's new? Actually I've been feeling pretty motivated since Sunday night, I found writing in my Sunday Coffee and Cake post was a nice self convincing form of therapy for as we all know I can be a bit off my rocker at times. I've been a very good girl and made grand efforts to give myself a chance to chill out here and there in a day, progressing from shortness of breath into a now quite prominent enveloping gasp. It's nice to know that I am in control again, and can still manage my duties as well as a new feature on my blog! (Ok I'm not perfect lol!). Crikey that's 5 a week now... Anyway! My plans consist of working on more Ephemera in my store and bringing in more jewelry. I'm trying hard not to veer off course from my Art catagory, but I do see potential in introducing my work into crafts, and not just on Etsy but hopefully off Etsy too as I plan to knock my knees together at a craft show eventually, and I guess it's those first craft show jitters, of not entirely being sure of what people will do when they spot you cowering and despairing in your stall. So variety for my art is the aim... It's the way forward! Also I am as usual in awe of the lovely people I keep meeting on Etsy that want to do lovely things for me, so I'll talk about those now and share with you some of these sellers lovely things from their stores/blogs that I think are worth checking out!

TREASURIES I was convinced that this would be the week that my treasury roll would be broken... yet before signing in to write this post, what did i find? a lovely treasury! 3 days left on it so for once I've attatched a link to the actual page. I'm with 11 other really cool artists, in a lovely summery shower of yellows and oranges... ah i could do with some sunshine (saw the weather for this week... bleak isn't the word). This one is from Mariastudio on Etsy and the name of the collection is called "Let's Go Europe!!!". On the left you can find a favourite of mine from Maria's store so please give it a click and check out her work :)

FEATURES I received contact from TagsandButtons again today infact to announce that a little contest I'd entered to win adspace on her giveaway blog was a winner! I was very pleased and thanks so much again for giving me so much of a shout out the past few weeks! I also spotted my own Giveaway on the blog too which has made my day :)

I think this is possibly the first feature for being part of the BESTeam, written by CleverCrafter, and has to be one of my favourites to date. I just found it so complimentary for not just my art, but the way i must freak out everyone on this blog LOL! I love it! And really really grateful to CleverCrafter for writing such a nice feature. So something that I know I'll probably do eventually although then it will be in more detail, is to give a little attention to her store and to show off something that I really like from it. On the left you'll find an awesome guitar pick necklace that i love!!!! And there are many more like that in her store as well as button jewelry. please share the love :)

Lastly, Earringsnation on Etsy left me a convo mentioning a feature on their blog that they included me in which was a really nice surprise the day I got it. Especially as the blog is bloomin GORGEOUS! I mean more than the blog, their store is just incredible. The jewelry is amazing, serious go and check it out. I posted the pendant on the left to show you all, yet I wish I could include more. I have a rule for my Wednesday posts though so just the one example it is... but still... GO... now and visit their store :D The colors are just beautiful!

So That's it I think for this week. I hope I havent left anyone out... if I have I'll pop you into next weeks feature :)


cabin + cub said...

ok, i am guilty of veering off course both art and craft wise!... so hard not to do. can't wait to see what you make! ;)

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